the ultimate guide to fitting a door lock

by:DIgao     2020-06-25
We all need home safety and the door lock plays a big role in it.
The stronger your door lock, the safer your home will be.
It is better to buy a pin because both sides can lock.
Actually, installing the door lock is a constructive and fun behavior, so why are you waiting to let us know how to install the lock on the door?
What is needed to install the door lock: 1. Drill 2. Flat bit 3. Tape measure 4.
Cylinder rim lock 5. Screwdriver 6. Masking type 7.
Drill Group 8.
Young Steel saw 9. Chisel 10. Mallet 11. Ruler 12.
Once you get all of the above tools, then follow the instructions below to start installing the lock: mark the location: you will provide a paper template on the door, tape the position of the lock body and screw hole to point.
Drilling :-
You need a wide level (
Best 32mm or 1. 25in)
In order to drill the hole of the lock, put your door on the portable workbench and start drilling.
Make sure to set the drill bit on high speed as low speed can cause debris.
Carefully check if the cylinder hole can be installed as needed.
Install the lock together :-
Use a narrow drill bit to hit the screw fixing hole and then carefully install the mounting plate inside the door.
Find the measuring rod according to the manufacturer\'s instructions and pass the cylinder through the door from the outside.
In order to make the lock body more suitable and suitable for the door, simply keep the shell in place and stretch around the plate covered at the edge of the door.
Finishing: install the door lock on the back of the door and fix all screws.
If everything works smoothly or not, please check twice, especially the key.
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