The transparency of metal clothes and improvement of the transparency principle is introduced

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
The stand or fall of some metal clothes hook transparency, there are many standards, with light transmittance, haze, refractive index double refraction and dispersion, etc. Material of light transmittance according to size, it can be divided into transparent material nm nm wavelength of visible light transmittance in % above; Translucent material nm nm visible light transmittance between % %; Opaque material nm nm visible light refractive index under %. According to the above classification, the resin can be divided into transparent resin including PMMA, PC, PS, PET, PES, J. D series, CR, SAN ( Also known AS) TPX推算,丙烯酸- BS ( Also called K resin) And so on; Translucent resin PP, PA; Not transparent ABS, POM, PTFE resin, PF, etc. Improve metal coat hooks transparency principle to reduce the degree of crystallinity, control the quality of the clean, improve the refractive index, reduce birefringence. Add to improve transparency of metal clothes, can add nucleating agent, this is the most effective way to increase the luminous transmittance of transparent resin, it can promote the crystallization of small molecules. It can have the effect of crystal nucleus in the resin. Blending to improve transparency of metal clothes, in transparent resin with other resin, improve the transparency. Two-way stretch to improve transparency of metal clothes hook, can make the original crystalline grain breakage in products that crystal size smaller, to improve the light transmittance.
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