The surface of the ceramic handle how to deal with?

by:DIgao     2020-07-29
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the surface of the ceramic handle how to deal with?
handle the surface treatment of a variety of ways, the shake handshandle of according to the different materials have different surface treatment methods, treatment over the surface of stainless steel mirror polishing, surface drawing, etc. ; Zinc alloy material hinge generally have galvanized surface treatment ( White zinc plating, plating color plating) , bright chrome, pearl chrome, matt chrome plating, such as black, black finish, we can also do according to the requirements of different surface treatment.
the classification of ceramic handle?
points by material: zinc alloy handle, copper handle, iron handle, aluminum handle, bakelite handle, wood handle, ceramic handle, plastic handle, crystal handle, stainless steel handle, acrylic shake handshandle, marble handle, etc.
(1) according to the material: the single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc. ;
(2) according to the shape, tube, bar, spherical, and various geometric shapes, etc. ;
(3) according to the style: a single type, double head type, appear type, enclosed wait;
(4) according to style: halfback, recreational, meditate on the past type ( Such as rope or hanging bead type) ;
5. According to use: shake handshandle in domestic outfit, industrial use shake handshandle, luggage cabinet shake handshandle
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