The size of the market of metal coat hooks

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Metal clothes hook is one of the most important basic industrial products, in the years before the global financial crisis, the world metal clothes production. One hundred million tons of peak, in which China accounted for about %, close, the output of ten thousand tons. After the financial crisis, as the economic recovery in recent years, the world metal clothing production and new growth. According to basf the years ago the global metal clothes hook will market continues to grow at a % of the annual average speed. Metal coat hooks are each industry plays a more and more important role, and Asia will be metal clothes demand of the fastest growing regions in the world, since years, metallic clothing consumption in Asia have been greater than the sum of Europe and North America. Metal coat hooks and its composites is an important industrial products with raw materials, in home appliance, automotive, electrical and electronic, office equipment, electric tools, and other fields has been widely used. Metal coat hooks are (1) qualitative light, stable chemical properties, will not rust; (2) good resistance to impact; 3. Good transparency and abrasion resistance; (4) by good insulation and thermal conductivity is low; (5) general formability, coloring, and low processing cost, but also has the (1) heat resistance is poor, thermal expansion rate is big, easy to burn; (2) the size stability, easy to deformation; (3) poor low temperature resistance, low temperature brittle; (4) easy to aging; (5) some metal clothes soluble in solvents such as faults, so most of the varieties of metal coat hooks cannot be directly used in the manufacture of industrial products, need to be modified, make its reach in the downstream of the electrical appliances and automotive products such as the use of standard. After modification of metal clothes while maintaining the excellent properties of the metal clothes, and overcomes the drawback of metal clothes, in home appliances and automotive products such as weight, reduce cost, beautiful and comfortable play an important role in such aspects. Exception of the electrical appliances, automotive electrical products, office equipment, electric tools and other downstream industry accounts for nearly half of metal coat hooks are, can be roughly estimated its growth rate and GDP in China in recent years, the average growth rate of flat or close. As metal coat hooks in the high-end technology products, modified metal clothing consumption in China about ten thousand tonnes a year, average growth in recent years about the %, higher than the metal coat hooks as a whole. The growth rate of %. Is expected to 'twelfth five-year' period, metal coat hooks annual growth rate of consumption will keep about %, years will reach ten thousand tons, accounts for the proportion of metallic clothing consumption will rise to about %, huge potential for development.
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