The size of the glass cabinet handle standard

by:DIgao     2020-07-19
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the size of the glass cabinet handle standard: due to the purchase of furniture mostly take shake handshandle, don't need their own configuration, so many friends don't pay attention to handle this problem. The shake handshandle use frequency is extremely high, when the handle damaged or custom furniture, choose the choose and buy, so need to know the size of the glass cabinet handle standard before the choose and buy is how much? Or buy back outfit is not bad.
glass cabinet handle what is standard size
glass cabinet shake handshandle, though can be customized, but if you don't know not clear glass door shake handshandle size or specification is also a very troublesome thing. So we need to know some general how much is the size of the glass door handle, and then based on the actual size of your glass door to address the size of the glass cabinet handle.

at present, the glass cabinet handle the specification is not the same, so the choose and buy the glass door handle most is to consider the glass cabinet shake handshandle specifications, secondly in selecting handle style. Glass door shake handshandle specification if, unlike the shake handshandle of glass door opening distance, will not be able to install, so before buying shake handshandle, be sure to carefully measure the hole distance of glass door shake handshandle, currently on the market the most common glass door shake handshandle specifications are: length 300 mm, 25 mm in diameter and pitch of 200 mm, length 450 mm, 32 mm in diameter and pitch of 300 mm, length of 1200/1600/1800/2000 of a millimeter, 38 mm in diameter and pitch 900/1200/1400/1500 of a millimeter, etc. In addition to this, there are more on market of other specifications of the glass door handle, but many are not common in their everyday life.
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