The shake handshandle of Europe type ceramic handle than ordinary have what advantage

by:DIgao     2020-07-19
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the shake handshandle of ceramic handle than ordinary difference are:
1, the temperature: high temperature porcelain firing temperature is 1200 degrees above; In the 1000 - medium temperature porcelain firing temperature 1150 degrees; Porcelain firing temperature in 700 - at low temperature 900 degrees.
2, colour and lustre, high temperature porcelain color fuller, exquisite, glittering and translucent; In the low temperature porcelain compare color wood hysteresis.
3, feel is: high temperature porcelain smooth and delicate; In the low temperature porcelain slightly rough.
4, voice: high temperature porcelain more ringing; Porcelain is lower in low-temperature stuffy.
5, texture: high temperature ceramic hardness is strong; In the low temperature porcelain more fragile. 2%, the product easy to clean not adsorption odor, glaze cracks and local leakage phenomenon will not occur. , bibulous rate is much higher than the standard of low temperature ceramic and easily into the water, not easy cleaning will also be giving off a terrible smell, time is long also cracks and leakage phenomenon happens.
this is the benefits of ceramic handle than normal handle.
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