The shake handshandle of ceramic history

by:DIgao     2020-07-20
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let's take a look at the history of the shake handshandle of ceramic
the history of ceramics is an important part of Chinese civilization, as one of the four great ancient civilizations, China and to the progress of human society has made outstanding contributions to the development of the invention and development of pottery and porcelain has more unique meaning, Chinese history at each generation has a different artistic styles and different technical characteristics. In English & quot; china' There are both Chinese meaning, and the meaning of ceramics, clear that China is & quot; The home of porcelain & quot; 。 As early as in the European master porcelain manufacturing technology more than one thousand years ago, the han nationality has produced very fine ceramics. China is one of the earliest application pottery country in the world, because of its high practicability and artistry and Chinese porcelain and suffer the praise highly of the world.

with the development of modern science and technology, over the past century and the appearance of many new varieties of ceramic. They are no longer using or rarely used clay, feldspar, quartz and other traditional ceramic materials, but use other special materials, even extended to the silicate, the scope of the oxide, and the appearance of many new technology. In the United States and some European countries & other documents have Ceramic” To understand the word is a general term for all kinds of inorganic non-metallic solid materials. So the meaning of ceramics in fact has been far beyond the narrow traditional notion of the past.
this is where the significance of the ceramic handle
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