The office furniture company standing up for a healthy workplace

by:DIgao     2020-08-10
Sedentary lifestyles, especially long sitting at work, have been considered part of the increase in heart disease and type 2 diabetes, while back and neck pain is one of the main causes of absenteeism, this accounts for almost a quarter of all sick leave in the UK.
Not surprisingly, \"active work\" is increasingly seen as a way for employees to be healthy
But the reality is that not every company allows employees to roam the office all day.
David English, managing director, AJ Products UK, said: \"The changes in our economy have made office work and inactive lifestyles more and more common . \", Office and workplace furniture has been available for 40 years.
While not every company can ensure that employees keep moving at all times, better furniture is a way to make positive changes right away.
\"Office furniture companies like us are not the cause of this problem;
We can actually be part of the solution . \"
\"Ergonomic furniture has been the cornerstone of AJ\'s product offer since we first established the mail order company.
We always focus on functionality and ergonomics to help employees work safer, healthier and more conveniently.
\"AJ products were used as a convenient way of mailing in 1975
Order furniture and equipment for the workplace.
Nowadays, the catalogue has been launched and the products have moved over time. However, Mr. English said that the core values still exist and the company continues to play an overall role --
Meet the needs of all workplaces.
According to research in the furniture industry, the personal computers of 34 workers have a negative impact on their health due to the working environment, transfer work has been considered-this is a worrying consideration for businesses with uncomfortable or unhealthy workstations
\"Business is like an ecosystem,\" said Mr. English.
\"If you cut costs somewhere, you will pay more elsewhere.
Employee health is one of the things that a company can pay a huge price.
Unhealthy employees cost much more in terms of productivity loss than ergonomic chairs or sitting chairs
Desk: you may consider sick leave, compensation, and ultimately the cost of hiring a replacement.
\"Mr English said that keeping healthy should be supported by people\'s workplace rather than being suppressed by them, noting that the sit-
Desks and active office furniture are an example of products on the market that make employees move more freely in the day.
He pointed out that this consideration is also particularly important for children, as bad posture can lead to pain and injury for a lifetime.
\"We offer a lot of schools,\" he said. \"If we can teach children the importance of exercising when they are young, then we can help young people have a right start in life.
\"The great British business movement is the focus of the most exciting growth businesses in the UK.
Here, we met David English, general manager of AJ products UK.
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