the new age of office furniture: change, flexibility and growth are key issues facing business organizations today and office furniture should be a part of business decisions.

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Office furniture is changing today due to computer technology, worker mobility and ergonomics.
The local Anchorage office furniture store notes that while many lawyers, military officials and executives still like traditional furniture, many businesses have turned to office system furniture.
Leslye Langla, sales director, said that the capital office supply provides customized design Capital office supply, emphasizing that internal is an aspect of their business, distinguishing them from other office suppliers, marketing and design.
The capital office is proud to address the culture of an organization.
The business culture is reflected in the design, layout and graphic drawings, as well as in the company logo, signage and marketing materials.
The offices of health care providers should look different from the offices of lawyers.
Different areas of work, Product Solutions, and structural applications.
For example, fabrics in a health care environment are made for dirt-resistant, easy to clean, and overall functionality.
The goal is to evaluate the workplace, understand the features, and then create space to attract and retain the best people to make the best day and produce the best work.
Capital Office is committed to working on how people work and providing solutions that help create a more efficient working environment, a better workflow, and ways to solve future flexibility without adding a lot of cost
The traditional approach to putting compartments in the office has been updated to create innovative spaces that empower companies to do what they do.
Placing panels can do more than just separate spaces --
Panel is an efficient and attractive way to plan office space.
The new panel offers a combination of acoustic treatment, glass and wood, metals and fabrics.
Today\'s technology needs panel systems that can meet the needs of a variety of technologies.
Plug-and-play system furniture allows companies not to reconfigure areas
Wiring or replacing hard walls.
The panels and floors support technology, so it\'s easier and more economical to wire and install cables whether you need to plug in a phone, computer, printer or fax.
The elevated flooring system allows companies to reduce costs by routing cables, electrical and HVAC under the floor.
Move and change faster.
Reduced energy costs.
Installation time is greatly reduced.
\"We believe the workplace is becoming more and more like a shared environment.
Office space used to be the space of \"me\" and is now developing towards the space of \"us.
Today, we see more leisure team meetings;
Workers cooperate.
Strengthen communication.
\"This trend is far away from hard wall offices,\" Lang said . \".
\"When leadership is more accessible and people are encouraged to communicate in an open environment, organizations perform better.
\"The staff of the capital office said that the key issues facing each organization are change, flexibility and growth.
The general labor force is highly mobile.
Overall, about 20% of office staff are moving each year, whether it be restructuring, promotions, new employees or transfers. Leases change.
Companies need to be flexible in preparing for change.
Sitting in a chair all day can be painful.
If you are sitting at work all day long, you need an ergonomic chair to support.
Everyone used to have the same chair, but 6 feet tall people have different chair requirements than 5 feet tall people.
Now people realize that the tools we use are more than just functions.
The staff should be able to work comfortably in the chair.
The Leap chair in Steelcase was developed after four years of research and health research on posture, Spine Health, circulation, arm and shoulder support and movement.
Leap provides 220 adjustment for end users.
The intellectual capital and research found in leading ergonomic chairs are now applied to the cockpit and cars of airlines.
Companies that focus on workplace tools designed to maximize performance and improve health will enjoy reduced worker compensation requirements, reduced employee downtime and improved performance.
It is a reality that a healthy environment improves the functioning of employees and reduces the number of chronic problems.
People are happier. \"It\'s simple.
\"If you feel good and have the right tools, you will perform better,\" Langla said . \".
When people are uncomfortable, they are distracted by their tasks.
\"When we create an environment that reflects the culture of the organization, when we provide solutions for higher performance, when we position the company for a long time,
We are doing what we want to do, \"said Langla.
Marc Giampaoli, store manager inside scan home and scan office, said Scan Home and Scan Office mainly sell Scandinavian products inside. Ergonomics is very large in Europe.
Europeans first began to manufacture Modular workstations, which have become popular in today\'s business offices.
Times have changed.
At the age of 80, people only ordered a computer and a table.
Now people are worried about the wrist and back problems.
In the past 10 years, there has been a move that matches the human\'s biochemistry to keep people more efficient and healthy.
In the past 10 to 15 years, electric desks that allow workers to adjust the height of their desks have been popular in Europe.
Interest in electric desks has increased in the United States. S.
Just in the last few years.
The more complex desk has the ability to remember the adjustments you set up.
The curve provided on the new desk provides arm support for computer work.
The desktop of the computer is like the desktop of the kitchen.
The chair usually has three or four moving parts: height adjustment, seat length supporting the thigh and lower back, front tilt and back tension.
The well designed chair does not cut off the blood circulation of the thighs.
Some chairs now have more features: for example, the arms can be twisted and adjusted.
Denmark is the largest furniture exporter and Norway is known for its chairs.
Denmark began exporting Danish teak as unassembled furniture that can be packed and assembled in the 1950 s.
Because of office furniture in America.
In the furniture market, Danish people began to flourish.
Scanning homes and scanning offices sell a large part of their office furniture to small businesses (usually home offices) internally.
Seagate EXPRESS has found that graphic design software has improved its business today. Alaska Express Alaska president Ernie Daniels explains how companies can save money by using office systems.
He gave an example of an office where there were 50 people in a certain space.
If the office wants to set up 60 workstations in the same space due to growth, it can do so.
If the same office is using a desk and other stand
Separate furniture, from the perspective of space utilization, it will be more difficult and expensive to be able to reconfigure the space.
Companies will have to buy smaller desks or get more space.
Daniels gives another benefit of office system furniture.
The federal building in the heart of Anchorage on C Street recently had to renovate all seven floors of its building.
This involves 1,200 workstations that need to be moved.
Express is able to transfer workstations, employees to temporary space and rebuild and reconfigure their current space after the renovation is complete.
This work is easier to do because the system furniture panels can be stacked, stored and moved in less space than the company has to move tables, folding pages, etc.
Another advantage of the office system furniture space demand is that the Bushes that ship to Alaska are cheaper than regular furniture and chairs.
Daniels commented that the office furniture business has changed due to graphic design software.
Now, customers can view space planning for future offices in 3D.
If an office is 12,000 square feet and requires 50 workstations, this is an effective way to show how furniture meets the needs and help make decisions --making process.
Another benefit is that the software can capture the part number in the drawing, so it is possible to immediately sort all the parts and pieces needed for that particular design item by item.
Communication with manufacturers has also improved due to technical reasons.
These communications are now electronic, not human input.
From an operational point of view, this saves time and reduces errors.
The Arctic office provides the name of the designer and how to save money John Reid, consultant for commercial furniture at the Arctic office, said that office furniture today is very different from standard wood products in the past.
Now, the office will combine form and function.
Right angles are old.
With an updated manufacturing process, the desk is more likely to wrap the edges and U-
More flexible design, more flexible space planning, smaller footprint.
Ten years ago, the mosaic was very expensive.
Now, inlays has been standardized and competitive.
\"Maple leaves are very popular now and very successful for us,\" Reid said . \".
The company has been away from oak trees for the past three years.
Reid gave an example of how the Arctic office handled the FAA control tower requirements.
The tower needs a function that allows workers to communicate with each other, but it also needs to be able to communicate with local and national networks.
This requirement is met with modular design and panels.
The panel pops up and can be filled with power and data.
Panels and workstations are not a small investment but can be less than furniture.
The height of the panels can be changed, which increases their flexibility.
The factory representative said that the height-adjustable workstation is huge below the 48th.
This type of station provides a sitting/standing working face.
Some workers may feel more comfortable in an environment where they can stand, rather than sitting for hours at work.
These types of desks may be less and less in Anchorage, as Alaska is usually five years behind the trend of under 48.
The conference table is now very technical, because it needs to do a power point demonstration and plug in the computer at the working face, so there is no need for the old wooden conference table.
The conference call is now very large.
It may be an investment, but it can save costs in the long run because people don\'t have to travel.
The screen provides live conversations.
There are now designers in chair manufacturers.
This is a change.
Leading manufacturer Noel retains the seats and tables of big-name designers such as Mia Lynn, Ero sarinine and Frank Gaili.
The name of the previous high design is more expensive, but now it is very competitive.
Consumers get designs and features at a reasonable price.
Very traditional trade makers like Gunlocke will become more modern and practical as the old style does not have a good combination with the computer.
Although the retail price of the ergonomic chair is about $1,000, there is a big discount on the commercial account.
Only one worker is required to claim compensation for a chair.
\"The Internet has changed the way we do business,\" Reid said . \"
\"We used to have to fax a picture and mail the fabric to the customer of Bush.
Now, we\'re just telling customers to go to the web page and pick the chairs they want.
The use of the Internet has improved our efficiency.
\"Many companies in the United States offer more creative financing.
Customers can rent furniture in the way they buy itback option.
This allows customers to write business-off.
If the cost of furniture is paid in cash, the Enterprise must pay taxes.
The Arctic office offers leasing projects, but this approach is not yet popular in Alaska.
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