the modern office: light, simple and comfortable, the office of today uses furniture and interior design to create a positive and healthy experience for employees and customers.

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When a client visits a company\'s office, the furniture tells them a lot about the corporate culture.
Chairs and tables are more than just sitting and working ---
They communicate the whole content of the company to customers and employees.
\"In the workplace, we see a focus on creating a very positive experience for our customers through corporate visual and physical presentation,\" said Barbara Kash, President and CEO of RIM Design-
Planning and designing companies within the business.
\"Customers want to know that they have a good deal;
Therefore, the workplace must reflect the image of happiness.
Efficient organization.
\"Quality is essential to convey the right corporate image.
\"Customers want to know that they are working with the best people, so the workplace should reflect top-notch professional attitudes,\" Cash said.
Quality work and cuttingedge abilities.
Interior decoration and interior decoration (that).
\"In addition to the appearance, office furniture must also meet the needs of the company.
It must have form and function.
The current trend of commercial furniture reflects the trend of modern home: light, streamlined and practical.
Design such as Mission, rocking bed and urban loft reflect cutting
Edge style of home and office.
Their sparse decor and light finish show a simple and elegant lifestyle.
The task styling is often Square and decorated without scrolling, tools, or complex travel.
For example, a drawer is a simple knob, not a carved shell.
The legs are flat, usually square and very thin.
The rocking bed styling uses many of the same techniques, but is usually rendered with lighter wood and round legs (
It originated from Shaker religious groups who tried to simplify their lives and therefore they created simple, attractive furniture).
The urban loft is an avant-garde style with lots of metal and glass.
Although the city loft is streamlined like the first two styles, it uses modern materials such as metal tubes or vinyl upholstery.
Compact in appearance, but please see-
Through open shelf, transparent glass desktop, etc.
The idea is to create functional furniture without sacrificing modern appeal.
Light wood is very popular in Alaska.
\"We tend to sell a lot of cherries and maple trees,\" said Wade Ray, owner of business furniture in Anchorage Alaska . \".
\"People only ask for dark wood once in a while.
\"In fact, his customer preferences drive the products produced by the company.
\"We stick to our three colors (
Cherry, maple and oak)
Because they like the lighter woods . \"
\"What we do is basically a design: a modern office.
\"Ernie Hall, owner of Alaska furniture maker
The same trend was observed.
\"We are doing a lot of light maple and other light wood --
\"Colored wood,\" he said.
The office decoration is not as gorgeous as the old American company.
\"Many people like contemporary design,\" Hall said . \"
\"We haven\'t done much traditional furniture with Crown shapes for a long time.
People want clean lines.
\"Using contemporary design is more than just a choice of style.
\"It shows a no-nonsense, down-to-
Business approach, \"said Hall.
\"In addition, the maintenance is simple and the cost of maintenance is low.
\"The modular unit beats the modern desk and is practical in other ways.
\"We rarely build traditional tables and desks again,\" Hall said . \"
\"We mainly do workstations to accommodate computers with a keyboard tray or keyboard arm under the table.
Everything has a lot of eyelets, so the sooner they move the wires out of sight, the better.
\"Some modular units used to form compartments can also save money.
\"We offer customized options --
\"It\'s a success,\" said Ray.
\"You can order a table with a partial modest panel or you can reconfigure the legs to share with an adjacent table.
\"Modular units can even save money on buying new furniture as the company\'s needs change.
\"Many businesses want to get the most flexibility, so open working environments and system furniture are still needed,\" Cash said.
\"Manufacturers are stepping up to meet demand.
\"Our customers want modular units that can be rearranged,\" Ray said . \".
\"They moved the furniture from the office to the office or building.
They like to rearrange without having to buy new pieces.
\"But that doesn\'t mean business owners have to buy furniture that looks cheap.
\"They look like standard parts but have a modular structure,\" Ray said . \".
Balancing modular and permanent spaces is the key to the wellput-together look.
\"As long as the open area complements the closed space for meetings and privacy, it seems to work,\" Cash said . \".
Planning ahead can also save money.
\"Talk to the space planner,\" Hall said . \".
\"Find someone who will listen to your needs.
Workstations need to meet the needs of the people who will work in that space.
\"For example, if the employee will be associated with three-
Hall suggests building base cabinets with pull-out racks instead of bookshelves.
\"This is a huge investment, you should consider the long-term
The word \"investment.
\"A lot of merchants come here to find the type of furniture they can find in Costco.
This is not something we can compete.
\"I think furniture is an investment.
We built it and designed it to last \"a health investment in ergonomics, it is unwise to scribble on office furniture, taking into account the costs and downtime that can be caused by bad posture injuries.
\"Under OSHA, the employer is obliged to provide a safe working environment (
Regulations on Occupational Safety and Health Management)
Deb clay is a consultant in ergonomics. in Anchorage.
\"Employers should create a working environment that is as unaffected as possible by ergonomic risk factors.
Krebs says these factors are 1).
Awkward posture 2).
Forced action, 3).
Repeated actions
\"The body has been in a state of repair,\" Merrill said . \".
When we go beyond repair, we get hurt.
\"While the office looks like a safe environment with little chance of injury, the use of adverse drugs can easily lead to situations such as wrist tunnel syndrome
Adjustment of office furniture.
It doesn\'t take a long time either.
\"If this person is a complete-
Time staff and poorly used suits-
\"Throughout the day, we saw injuries in three days,\" said physical therapist Angie Kaman, who works at the Alaska hand rehabilitation center.
\"This is reversible and can be cured if they come in soon.
\"Even if this situation is discovered in advance, this situation can lead to downtime, workers\' claims for compensation and lower morale, as other employees have to make up for this deficiency.
\"Ignorance is the biggest problem,\" said Bob Merrill Lynch, owner of Anchorage\'s natural pose furniture. \"I don\'t know if there is a better way to do this.
Ergonomics related to bioengineering
How the body works
Natural posture relative to unnatural posture.
\"For example, for a particular employee, the desk keyboard rack is too high to ask the employee to reach out further than comfort.
Constant access to necessary equipment can hurt employees.
\"Ergonomics is to install the work on the body,\" Krebs said . \".
Furniture is not a piece. size-fits-all.
Retail clothing makes it wrong for employers to think that buying a chair or keyboard will take care of employees.
\"Because most office staff use 10-
Critical and/or type throughout the day, \"wrist is where we have most problems,\" Merrill said . \".
\"People stretching their wrists can cause pain like wrist tunnel syndrome.
This is to make the worker qualified for the job.
A good ergonomic device may not be suitable for another one.
According to Merrill Lynch, most employers offer \"wrist rest\" devices to relax the arm of keyboard users, but they are often abused.
\"You put pressure on the tendon from the outside, just as the wrist tube puts pressure on the tendon from the inside,\" he said . \".
But that doesn\'t mean foam or gel.
The filling bar is useless.
\"Call it \'Palm resting, \'\" Krebs said \'. \".
\"We advocate a solid, smooth surface where you can slide your palm over.
It can be good as long as the gel is quite firm.
\"Another trouble is the neck.
\"There are many risk factors in the workplace, such as the head --
\"The forward-leaning posture is that the chin is leaning against the space, not against the bones,\" Krebs said . \".
The position of the keyboard also affects the neck.
\"The neck muscles are also overused when the shoulder is lifted, such as the keyboard is too high and higher than the elbow.
\"Reading materials can sometimes induce workers to pose badly.
\"When people work at their desks, they tend to lean their heads on the table,\" Merrill said . \".
\"Some devices can fix the material at an angle.
\"Over the years, tables with underwater monitors--
Visible through the glass desktop--
A very popular space saver. \"I think that (
Manufacturing Company)
The lawsuit was closed, \"said Merrill Lynch.
\"Those tables are very bad.
\"While they can save space, they force users to bow their heads all day.
\"The height of the display should be like this, and when you look at the center of the display, your head is tilted forward no more than five degrees,\" Merrill said . \".
The size of the table can also cause problems.
\"People are always exposed,\" Merrill said . \"
\"Their phones are too far out of the natural range of arms.
Burschia will result because it will have all the impact if done many times a day.
\"The hidden keyboard shelf can also be a troublemaker when not in use.
\"It\'s a terrible idea because you can\'t tilt it so your wrist stays straight,\" said Merrill Lynch . \".
Simply purchase enough ground space for the staff to use everything easily.
Bob Merrill gives the following steps to build a workstation around sitting employees: 1.
Use a lumbar support chair that meets the bending of the spine.
If it is too low, it will push the pelvis.
If it\'s too high, it puts pressure on the spine. 2.
Don\'t choose high-
Mission back chair-
Staff who often stand and sit down.
It is too difficult to reach the correct height and shape of the upper shoulder area. 3.
When standing on the same shoes as normal work, raise the seat of the chair to the same distance as the top of the human knee. 4.
Put your feet flat on the floor. 5.
Seat angle 0-
10 degrees forward6.
When the hand is placed on the knee, make the working face the same distance as the elbow to the floor. 7.
Buy enough working face to easily reach items that are frequently used from sitting position.
While these steps are useful in designing work spaces for individual employees, if others use the same space on different shifts or days, it can be tricky to fit it for everyone.
\"Hopefully people will be within the same height,\" Merrill said . \".
\"The highest person measured for the working face.
For the shortest people, use non-
Tilted foot support.
\"As medical experts advance their understanding of the human body, business owners need to keep up with the pace of improving their working space.
\"We found that the industry is making real progress because most people are aware that they should have ergonomic equipment,\" Krebs said . \".
\"This is more common.
Often, the equipment provided determines the risk factor.
\"The manufacturer is designing office furniture to accommodate people, not people.
For example, height-adjustable desks, which are common in Europe, are now heading to the United StatesS.
Marc Giampaoli, internal sales manager at the scanning office, said.
From the perspective of safe work, the impact of office furniture on enterprises is multifaceted.
Visiting customers needs to see a well. ordered, up-to-
Working Environment date.
Employees must be able to work comfortably in order to avoid injuries.
In order to achieve these two goals, Ray said, business owners need to \"think about their needs and find something that suits their needs \".
\"There are a lot of things to consider.
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