The meaning of ceramic handle Mediterranean style of decoration

by:DIgao     2020-07-24
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ceramic handles decorated arch with semi arch is the wind of the Mediterranean, the horseshoe-shaped Windows and doors, white wall, the color with low lightness, simple line and trimming round wooden furniture. Usually connected by a number of circular arch and corridors or, in the form of vertical handoff in ambulate ornamental, outspread feeling. At the wall in the home As long as it's not main wall) , all can use half a create or create all way to shape indoor scene in the window.

the Mediterranean style furniture is one of the most obvious characteristics of brush paint do old process, this kind of treatment in addition to furniture reveals classic furniture to some meaningful sense, can show furniture more blue sea under the sunshine in the Mediterranean by wind erosion of natural imprinting. Mediterranean color feature is: without artificial color rendering. Aesthetic characteristics: the children of judah the use open more free space. The unique decorative style. In constructing the basic space form, the Mediterranean style of adornment gimmick also
you in pot with ceramic handle feel this time is up again.
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