The meaning of ceramic decoration of contemporary and contracted style

by:DIgao     2020-07-24
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ceramic handles the have the following meanings of contemporary and contracted style decorating
1, contracted is not equal to simple, it is considered through innovative design and train of thought after the extension, is not a simple & other; Packing & throughout; And plain & other; Put & throughout; , not like some designers superficial understanding & other Straightforward & throughout; , such as the background of the head of a bed design some contracted to only a cross pendant, but it adhere to the designer's unique, already beautiful practical.
2, on furniture configuration, white light series furniture, unique luster make furniture fashion, with a comfortable and beautiful enjoyment. On the accessories, the continuation of the mass-tone attune of the black and white ash, with concise design, perfect details, create a feeling of fashionable avant-courier.
3, the family contracted not just said to decorate, also reflected in the contracted household accessories, such as a small house, there is no need to appear & other; Rich & throughout; Purchase of bulky items should instead bought is indispensable to life, and not to size, folding, multi-function etc give priority to. Just think: using expensive price to buy the house for a & other; Broken furniture & throughout; To squeeze out & other; Space & throughout; , that we as & other; Master & throughout; The ease of life and where it came from and can & other; Simple & throughout; ?
4, the contracted decorate must embarks from the practical, avoid by all means is blind follow suit without considering other factors. Contracted behind also reflect a kind of modern & other; Consumption & throughout; 。 Pay attention to life grade, healthy fashion, pay attention to the reasonable scientific consumption saving. In fact, some of the decoration & other; Style & throughout; Is completely unnecessary, and want, the more the & other; Hazard & throughout; Also the more. In recent years, for example, children with acute leukemia and other virus from the external environment factors of cases have occurred, many are really related to unreasonable and unscientific decoration. So, advocate contracted & other; Consumption & throughout; 。

this is the meaning of the ceramic decoration of contemporary and contracted style
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