The legend of the shake handshandle of ceramic in xia dynasty

by:DIgao     2020-07-21
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the legend of shake handshandle of ceramic in xia dynasty

from the legendary yellow emperor (rao when the xia dynasty About the 21st century BC & ndash; — In the 16th century BC) , is painted pottery to signal its development. There are more typical of yangshao culture, and later found in the gansu horse kiln and its culture, etc. , after the liberation in xi 'an banpo prehistoric site unearthed a large number of elaborate color pottery, breathtaking. Legend YaoChuan Yu Shun, shun the world in Xia Yu, yu is passed on to his son, began the so-called & other; A home under the sun & throughout; 。 Account to jie, BaoNveWuDao, Thomson will put hence, self-reliance for the emperor, so in the offensive TianXiaZhe, since soup. After rule to take all (more than six hundred years About the 16th century BC & ndash; — Before and after the 11th century BC) , all the way to king zhou. Featuring after conquering, ji suicide, hence all week. The zhou dynasty during the reign of roughly in the 11th century BC to 221 BC, in fact the effective rule has ended in 771 BC. In 475 BC & ndash; — Known as the warring states period in 221 b. c. , and until 221 BC, the qin dynasty rise, unified China began, but in 206, before qin dynasty until the he was replaced by the han dynasty. In the thousand hundred years, in addition to daily dining utensils, sacrifice etiquette used also greatly development of
this is the legend of the shake handshandle of ceramic in xia dynasty
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