The introduction of metal shake handshandle

by:DIgao     2020-07-14

metal shake handshandle is widely used in furniture cabinets, metal handle can be embedded in the newly popular element good cabinet accessories, made of new technology, with the standard of art production, after plating popular archaize, fashion color, color can be as follows: bronze, white, coffee, ancient silver, black, gold plating, chrome plating, such as pearl silver color at home.

aluminum alloy handle along with the advance of technology, now the color of the oxide are: matt, light, champagne, silver spray, and electrophoretic coating process. Make the color of the metal handle more rich diversity. Purpose: metal shake handshandle is part of the home decorative hardware, mainly used in furniture, bathroom cabinet, cabinets, wardrobe, and other furniture. Hardware handles have adornment effect, but the main role or cooperation.

belongs to decorative hardware the furniture shake handshandle, such as cabinet handle, chest straps, drawer pulls, bookcase handle and so on.
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