The introduction of locks and function

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
What is the lock, lock the definition of the first to tell you about, it is a closed function of the equipment, it can be laminated locks bring convenience for people, help people gun locks to protect property, etc. Lock is also a kind of protective equipment, it has been closely linked with our life, every family has a lock, and different places have different types of locks, use the most copper padlock or more metal locks, because it is better on the stiffness, people wouldn't worry about it will be bad when in use. If which day the key difficult in them, also hard to pull, you need to add lubricant can feel it, this is wrong, appear the phenomenon of difficult to pull plug, is to add some lubrication, but don't add lubricating oil. Locks with the graphite powder, that is, the pencil lead powder, make inside the keyhole, and open, the door will be loosed, and later open also won't too hard drive hard to pull out of the phenomenon, appear this kind of circumstance, also has something to do with the usual maintenance, must periodically to protect six locks at ordinary times.
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