The Home Of British Interior Designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell Reflects London\'s Charm

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What better way to stay away from the hustle and bustle of London than 6,500
Square foot Georgian level 2 listed home overlooking the Thames and batsea Park with mews house and garden
BBQ area, polished concrete fireplace and pond built in the back?
The terrace house sits on the former site of the country house, once King Henry VIII, owned by Fiona Barat-
Campbell and her husband, Sol Campbell, former captain of the England football team, blend traditional architectural details such as corn flour and paneling and modern luxury interiors.
Like Barratt\'s house.
Designed for others, Campbell\'s own home on the historic Cheyne Walk is a delightful example of her iconic style of playing with textures.
Painted paneled walls pass by the textured metal walls of the living room, and the sofa weaves silk with bright purple velvet and white laser --
Printed leather cushion.
Majestic contemporary III
The chandelier drops to a dramatic double
After removing the floor, the height space of the dining room and kitchen.
The kitchen is surrounded by a walkway wrapped in dark wood with frameless glass railings leading to the garden. Barratt-
Campbell said, \"I like to use a lot of textures in materials and fabrics: recycled wood in the countryside, polished concrete, silk carpets, woven leather, to name just a few.
My design is mostly a neutral palette, so the texture produces contrast and interest.
I add color through accessories and artwork.
\"Since the house is located in a residential area in central London, she chose the gray color palette specifically for a calming effect.
\"You should get inspiration from where the building is located and think the design should be appropriate for the local area,\" she notes . \".
She wanted the interior design to be both beautiful and comfortable, she placed dark oak floors throughout the room, and gray-brown volcanic stones in the kitchen, carrera marble and Thassos handmade wool and silk carpets were placed in the bathroom.
One grandfather was the founder of Barratt, one of Britain\'s largest home builders.
Campbell was immersed in real estate and development all her life, so she naturally had a passion for art, design and architecture when she was young.
Prior to Parsons School of Design in New York, she studied interior and space architecture at Chelsea Academy of Art.
Her first job after graduating from college was three.
A year after Kelly Hoppen was chief designer, she established Fiona Barratt interior design in London in 2006, working on residential and commercial projects worldwide.
At the moment, she hired a team of six people,
From concept to completion, she was personally involved in every decision and there was no difference in her own home.
In the past three years, the house has undergone major renovations both inside and outside, and an extension has been added to the website.
Working with the listed buildings to maintain its integrity is a challenge, while adding huge structural steel and working in modern lighting. Barratt-
Campbell revealed, \"The roof was removed from the top of the main house and we added a floor that was cleverly hidden from the view of the main road by the roof of the main bathroom below.
On the top floor we have the master bedroom and a large roof terrace with outdoor fireplace.
This terrace offers views of the Chern walk and Chelsea gardens.
The whole house was stripped from top to bottom, leaving only the Georgian features listed: Stairs, corn flour and paneling.
Due to the lack of existing floors, we had to install steel on the floor of the main bathroom to withstand the weight of all Carrera marble, special functional walls and separate bathtubs.
When we peel the house back to the outer wall, we have to put everything back in place: electrical appliances, under-floor heating, plumbing and soundvisual systems.
We also designed and installed large modern windows at the back of the hotel.
The most important consideration is the layout of space (
\"Because the House should not only look great, but also be practical \")
Combine the modern extension behind the hotel with the original building to make a seamless transition between spaces.
The main house has five bedrooms and five bathrooms above six floors, which requires an elevator.
The first floor consists of a double reception room connected by the library.
Campbell\'s nanny, housekeeper and their son live in the mews house (a self-
The apartment features a living room with a kitchen, a living room with a suspended fireplace, a storage room, two bedrooms and a bathroom)
, Connected to the main residence through an underground tunnel, which extends under the garden.
The reason behind the tunnel is to allow the Campbell to drive into the double garage located at the bottom of mews and then go straight into the main house without having to go out.
Ask her which room she likes in the House and Barratt
Campbell replied, \"This study is my favorite because it is the first room in our entrance hall and everyone seems to be gathered here.
I work at my desk at night, watch TV or read newspapers.
It has the original paneling I inserted into the embossed leather panel.
There is a beautiful white marble fireplace and a real firewood which is lovely in winter.
There is also a secret door in this room, when you close, you can\'t tell there is a door there because we made it the same thick door as the wall, paneling matching the leather and skirting at the bottom.
When this door opens, you can see the large chandelier directly in the kitchen, from which you can see the garden.
On the other side of the study, the window can see the view of the Albert Bridge, which is beautiful when illuminated at night. ”The floor-to-
Her ceiling bookshelf designed for both sides of the fireplace features a large antique Chinese storage unit in a black lacquer, dark brown leather Christian Liaigre armchair, an Italian side table in 1950s, a blue-green ceramic lamp and dark brown wood floor.
Living room with modern woven silk sofa and linen
Italian B & B cushion sofa and chair with metal legs with linen cushion.
Elsewhere in the house, there are black bishop side tables from Mahdavi, India, round scagliola Bean coffee table from McCollin Bryanand, and dark colors from modern nature
Paul Evans\'s rare bronze console unit hosts the library area of the living room.
Two identical ribbed brown lacquer console from Talisman welcomes visitors in the entrance hall, while Lalique vases of different shapes and sizes appear in all rooms.
Most of the other furniture is antique or one piece-off pieces.
The particularly prominent design elements include the carved stone wall of the main bathroom, as well as two high custom consoles designed by Barratt with embossed silver leather top and hammer steel base
Campbell is on either side of the living room fireplace.
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