The four coup of fixed metal coat hooks

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
Hook, refers to the contact agreement; Shape bending, to explore, hanging objects, things, can be divided into the hook, hook, hook, etc. Metal coat hooks is that many families must use things, now is put in the home is both beautiful and practical, the hook hanging bags, hanging clothes, hang all kinds of decorations, it seemed that each friends's right-hand man. But friends must have such trouble because of hook, hook because poor sucker adsorption function, or the weight of the hanging, often drops, a lot of hook or unreliable, even if is new, too, says below fixed metal coat hooks for what? 。 Hair dryer hand cream is firm. Removed his hand cream, squeeze a little on the surface of the suction cups that plastic hook, apply evenly with the hand, and then pick up the blower to the sucker blow, blow to the suction cup surface dry, rub the redundant grease above the suction cup in addition to clean, and then in the adhesion to hook on the wall, was stronger than the hook with a suction cup is adsorbed to at this moment. 。 Eggs swab firmly tied. In the refrigerator in an egg, the egg into the bowl, and then take a clean cotton swabs, dip in egg whites, evenly daub onto the surface of the hook with a suction cup, dip in with don't take too much egg whites, and then put the hook adhesive on the wall, don't be so quick to hang things, such as egg qing dynasty after solidification dry hanging things again, this time metal coat hooks bearing and adhesive force are greatly enhanced, will not easily fall off. 。 Warm water is firm. There is a simple way, just take a basin of warm water, then bought a new metal chuck soak in warm water, clothes hook out and back in about five minutes later to adsorption to the walls, so tied firmly a lot of, but also greatly enhance the bearing capacity. 。 Special remind whether home use glue sticks tied or suction cups, before to the wall, it's best to use hair dryer with hot air to stick wall hook, and hook adhesive blowing, blowing hot, then hook on the wall, this hook adhesive force and bearing force will improve a lot. ( This article from dongguan fu sen metal coat hooks company)
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