The drawer handle science cabinet door

by:DIgao     2020-07-16
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the drawer handle science cabinet door, cabinet door is the door of the cupboard. Cabinet door divided by material basically has real wood, fire prevention board, three poly amine hydrogen decorative panels, blister, moulding, paint, metal texture, gingle board, coating frame, crystal plate, aluminum alloy frame glass door ten classes. Solid wood integral ambry applies to 9. More than 2 m of the cabinet, if it is the kitchen of open mode, is at least 7. 2m。 Solid wood integral ambry is suitable for middle-aged consumer preference of pure wooden high-grade decoration use. Solid wood ambry door plank, a return to nature, return uncut jade to put in effect, the style of ancient classic, its frame is solid wood, with cherry wood color, walnut color, color is given priority to, oak door core for MDF paste wood, this ensures that the special visual effect of real wood, can ensure that the door plank and frame and core board composition and strength, and no crack, deformation LiJiuChangXin ( Daily maintenance is still need to be very carefully) 。 In general do in solid wood surface concave and convex shape, spray paint. So real wood door plank of class to maintain the original wood color and elegant, especially some Italian imports of high-grade solid wood cabinets, Angle edge processing and paint color technology has reached the world advanced level. Domestic manufacturer of solid wood cabinets technology level and international has bigger distance, domestic solid wood door plank due to the production process to reach, there exists a changeful form, easy to dry, rough surface, there is even a imitation solid wood on the market, is made of medium density, with paint.
this is the drawer handle science cabinet door is introduced.
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