The difference between the crystal handle and metal shake handshandle

by:DIgao     2020-07-18
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furniture shake handshandle has a unique dynamic aesthetic feeling of crystal, due to physical effect, produced in the crystalline light refraction and reflection, make shake handshandle looks very bright, furniture as set the gold pieces gems, make your furniture more noble and more taste, more has the unique effect.
and hardware handles are usually also in stainless steel, aluminum, iron these materials, although there is no crystal handle so bright and glorious noble, but metal shake handshandle, in the form of style, more and more durable, more a sense of science and technology, modern, suitable for use in industry, and the price relative to the more affordable furniture shake handshandle. Most of the handle can be used in the electric box, electric cabinet, LED display, mechanical equipment etc. Tell from the use, solid metal shake handshandle is not easy to wear and tear, never change color, durable.
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