The developing situation of China plastics machinery industry analysis

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Nowadays, metal rubber is no longer a simple everyday clothes with a bottle, film, tires, etc. , but more seep into the high-tech products, and become an irreplaceable material, such as high precision instrument parts, auto parts, medical devices, etc, even in oil exploration and other hard work. In the rapid development of all walks of life, the metal clothes hook is more and more indispensable to show its importance. Along with the development of the national key support of the new material industry, to encourage the implementation of the policy of sustainable development and environmental protection policy of harsh, metal rubber clothes more and more important role in the development of the national economy, has gradually become an irreplaceable material. The application of metal rubber clothes has been involved in automobile, electronic appliances, medical, household appliances, building materials, packaging, printing, agriculture, water conservancy, municipal engineering, traffic, transportation, daily chemical, food, aerospace, clothing accessories, in various fields such as style, furniture, gift, and application in the field of the continually expanding. At the same time get more application in some new areas. The metal clothing products processing industry has become the biggest in China light industry industry, China has become the world's largest metal coat hooks products production and consumption country. Although, in recent years, the global rubber machinery market downturn, but in our country, as a result of the tire industry development, the development of domestic rubber machinery industry is very rapid, makes the world rubber machinery market distribution pattern is broken, at present, the focus of the global rubber machinery production presents the trend of the transfer to China. German metal coat hooks machinery association ( VDMA) The latest released a report shows that year, the global rubber machinery production, metal clothes proportion of our country. %, Germany. %, for Italy. %, for the United States. %, for Japan. %。 Therefore it can be seen that China has overtaken Germany to become the world's largest producer of metal rubber machinery clothes hook. Giants on the one hand, the current global tyre production enterprises invested to build factories in China, made the world tire manufacturing center in gradually shift to our country, for rubber machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country has increased more orders demand, thus promote the rapid development of China's rubber machinery industry. World tire manufacturing center on the other hand, due to the transfer to China, the world rubber machinery manufacturers have also come to our factory, and strengthen the cooperation with rubber machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country, also sped up the global rubber machinery weight transfer to China. At present, the global rubber machinery manufacturers, a total of more than, which accounted for more than/rubber machinery manufacturers in China, several. And, since years, China's rubber machinery sales income consecutive years among the world's first. Among them, the years, our country rubber machinery sales revenue accounted for % of the world. The rubber machinery in the rapid development of our country at the same time, also show signs of unbalanced development and lack of staying power, need to adjust the structure of products, research and development of high-end products, to speed up the pace of internationalization, sustained and healthy development is possible. Rubber industry is to promote circular economy 'reduction, reuse, recycling', saving energy and reducing consumption. As a important equipment for the production of rubber products, rubber machinery in the rubber industry energy saving. Rubber enterprises especially tire enterprises to develop circular economy, mainly from the device using this source of energy saving and emission reduction. Equipment procurement in the future, 'low energy consumption, automation, high efficiency' is the first selection of equipment procurement. Will consider mainly in rubber machinery product development and improve efficiency, save energy and reduce pollution factors, the development and promotion of more energy efficient and environmentally friendly rubber machinery. Tires and rubber products, products at the same time manufacturers close cooperation, such as an organic combination of technology and equipment, rubber and tire enterprises existing layout and equipment, implement safety, energy saving, environmental protection and efficient purpose.
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