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by:DIgao     2020-06-19
A bad prediction.
Within a few years, it is illegal to install traditional round or oval door handles in any new or refurbished building in Australia.
In some cases, especially in government buildings, the existing door handles will be scrapped and replaced by leverage
Style lock release.
Before you accuse me of going crazy, I point out that Vancouver, Canada, has passed the law banning door handles.
This is a growing trend in the United States.
It\'s only a matter of time before some lazy, unimaginative, meddled politicians introduce parallel laws in Australia.
Banning round door handles and replacing the logic behind them with leverage has some advantages --
For the disabled, the elderly and the children, it is easier and safer to operate leverage.
But the ban on door handles seems to push the nanny country to a ridiculous new height.
Cynics may argue that this is a good idea in theory, but it will never actually happen.
Oh yeah buy a good old one
Old-fashioned incandescent lamps.
A few years ago, politicians thought it would be best if we all used modern energy.
Save the LED or fluorescent ball.
The Old Globe was eliminated.
No public opinion was sought.
Big Brother just told us what\'s best for us.
How about the double flush toilet from 200? It is good enough to pull a chain on the overhead tank and recently press a button.
Then, the Big Brother decided that we had better have double Flushing tanks in order to save water.
It\'s illegal to install a single one now. flush cistern.
What about the round faucet? They are destined to be a waste pile of history, replaced by a more accessible style of leverage for older people, arthritis or disabled people.
To help people with hearing difficulties, the fire alarm is equipped with a flash.
\"Rain wave\" lawn sprinkler is a relic of the era of cheap living water.
Cyclists must wear helmets.
The same is true of door handles. Our two-
Bedroom apartment is 12 years old.
It wasn\'t until this minute that I realized that all the doors had lever door handles except the 12 doors of the apartment. One rarely-
The old door of the small utility courtyard has a round knob.
So the trend has begun.
All that is needed now is legislation that will punish the installation of round door handles by law.
The Vancouver legislation does not apply to existing structures.
Lever handles are mandatory only in new or fully renovated structures.
But in order to comply with the spirit of the legislation and set an example for citizens, the door handles of some government buildings were voluntarily replaced by leverage.
Vancouver City Hall has exquisite brass knobs with the letter VCH printed on them, which have become shiny after decades of twisting.
Since then, they have been abandoned and replaced by ergonomic
Preferred design.
Well, inevitably
The change of goodwill will have unexpected consequences.
What happens to stores with existing round door handles in stock? The door handles used by shops with periods, antiques or reproductions in old buildings can easily be appreciated for comfort, and the lever door handles provide convenience and safety for the elderly, the disabled and the young.
But do we really have to do it by law? Why not slowly eliminate the traditional home or business building handshake by a little trust and education.
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