The collocation of metal shake handshandle

by:DIgao     2020-07-17
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metal shake handshandle of choose and buy strategy:
material: tell from the material, the copper, stainless steel is better; Alloy, plating is poor; Plastic is easy to damage has been gradually eliminated by the market.
fixed way: shake handshandle screws and adhesive two fixed way, useful advice to choose the shake handshandle of with screws, screw fixation is commonly used in solid, adhesive is not practical.
style: when matching shake handshandle must pay attention to the design of furniture, function and place.
the shake handshandle of porch ark should emphasize its adornment sex;
can be installed on the adornment door of symmetrical type two luxurious and beautiful shake handshandle.
shoe ark should pick colour and lustre and the single head with board adjacent face type shake handshandle.
the shake handshandle of TV cabinet, can consider to choose and electric parts or close of colour and lustre of material of stone of TV bar face, such as black, grey, dark green, golden appear type shake handshandle.
the furniture of study or atelier should choose the shake handshandle of concise founder.
little cupboard door between wei yu, appropriate selection of miniature single-ended or organic glass ball type ceramic handle, the color or material should be similar to cabinet put oneself in another's position.
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