The classification of the metal coat hooks

by:DIgao     2020-06-19
Metal clothes peg plays an important role in our life, for all walks of life to receive work has brought great convenience. Let's see what metal clothes hook, classified roughly how much is it? A name and buckle hooks are divided into different kinds of. Carton, paper boxes, paper card, paper card hook hook, paper bags, buckle hook, metal clothes buckle, plastic buckle hook, plastic hook, plastic hook is mainly used in packaging and packaging bags, usage simple; Punch a hole in the box and then directly put the buckle up. , metal clothes hook is divided into different kinds of names; Plastic glue stick hook, hook, adhesive hook, PP stick hook, PVC glue hook, stickers hook is mainly used for paper box, direct stick on the carton, convenient display. , scarf tied into different kinds of names; Scarf scarf hook, hook, towel, towel hook, silk scarves hook, hook, metal coat hooks is primarily in display of supermaket, can print the LOG, the material of PP, PS. Size, color is mainly black, white, translucent, transparent. Shown, the hook into F type, U type display hook, feet display hook, the flat display hook, double pole display hook, three feet display hook, have teeth, polished rod hooks is mainly used for show, commodity display, display cabinets, carton, carton linked above all sorts of display equipment such as needed. , hook can be divided into different kinds of shoes; Shoes, shoes, metal clothes shoes hook, metal hook clothes shoes, boots, boots clip, hook of boots, slippers, slippers hook, plastic, metal clothes hook is mainly used for sand beach shoes, garden shoes, EVA shoes, airtight shoe flip-flops hook hook, etc all kinds of shoes. Peg, socks are divided into; Trousers hook, silk stockings clasps and panty hose, single socks hook, double layer socks hook, three layers of sox hook, four layers socks hook, socks hook, socks, metal hook clothes stockings, socks socks hook brands such as trousers hook, can do processing. Article, supermarkets hanging into; Metal clothes hanging bar, hanging bar is mainly used in major shopping malls supermarkets lighter commodity, is easy to see, size; Hanging, hanging, hanging, hanging, material divided into PP, PVS. The thickness of the PP MM. The thickness of the PVC is divided into, MM. 、MM。 Article, MM can make full use of space to show the charm of products.
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