The classification of the lock

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
1, into the door lock, also calls the anti-theft lock. Into the door is the door of every family, divide outside the home in the home, it must have a special function, is able to play the role of insurance and security. Into the households generally there are two doors: a door, a door always ( Usually wooden door) 。 About iron gate, to both sides can lock, commonly known as: double lock. How insurance commonly used locks and inserted steel door lock. When the choice should pay attention to the distance of two doors should not less than 80 mm ( 8 cm) 。 Otherwise, the two doors ( Because of the lock handle) Distance is not governor, close together and no security role. The total door lock device commonly big wooden door handle, it would have the effect of beauty. 2, the room door lock: generally refers to the bedroom. In the room has the insurance function of copper padlock, external use keys to open a hand lock in the room or function with ball lock. 3, the bathroom door lock, its characteristic is to lock the door inside and outside with emergency open the device, and a flash of red, green, or take 'some' unmanned 'flash' small hand lock or with functions of ball lock. 4, kitchen and channel lock: it just plays a door handle and windbreaks, no insurance function. It also apply to storage and children room.
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