The choose and buy of metal coat hooks share skills

by:DIgao     2020-06-17
We in order to let household space more beautiful and more concise, think a lot of useful gadgets to achieve this goal. Peg is such a kind of household small items essential to life. Although small, but are of great use. Believe that every friend's home in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom has installed hook behind the door. Hook the material has a lot of kinds, iron, wood, metal, metal clothes and so on. Why the metal clothes hook the most loved by people. Metal coat hooks metal clothes hook is characterized by the advantages of light weight, colourful, waterproof, durable. Because the performance advantages of metal clothing material itself, metal coat hooks shape is beautiful and lovely, modelling changeable. Will not fade, no matter how long to use more won't stain. Metal coat hooks is better than wooden peg moistureproof sex, in heavy water toilet won't mildewy; Iron, although hard, but the wet environment will soon be rusty, will also get rust on the clothing, metal coat hooks there is no such trouble. Alloy material though there is a layer of protective paint on the surface, not easy to rust, but in the long run will corrode in structural parts, once appear, corrosion will soon spoil. Metal of choose and buy clothes hook skills - — Material of metal coat hooks have a lot of material, PVC is not environmental protection, suggest that we don't choose MOPE too soft and fragile enough. Small make up recommend PE material metal coat hooks for everyone. PP material of non-toxic, no smell, belong to the human body without harm to the safety of the material. Its quality and lighter, but very durable. Hook made of transparent, very beautiful. And good heat resistance, insulation, in general heat environment will not deformation, don't worry about the leakage. It has a higher resistance to bending fatigue strength, able to withstand heavy objects. PP material is more durable metal clothes hook to use, more cost-effective, metal of choose and buy clothes hook skills - — Style metal clothes hook style recommend choosing non-trace metal coat hooks. This hook use won't leave a mark on the wall, household environment protection and beautiful. Non-trace points two kinds, from the design is a kind of suction cups, the other is a paste agent. Chuck type non-mark metal clothes hook is on the hook designed a powerful suction cups, using sucker suction, firmly adsorbed on the wall, suitable for the metope of smooth smooth, such as ceramic tile, glass, metope latex wall friction is bigger, is not very suitable. Paste type non-mark metal clothes hook is tied in with paste on the back glue stick hook on the wall, metope smooth, wide application scope.
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