The choose and buy of doors and Windows hardware fittings

by:DIgao     2020-07-19
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building doors and Windows with different materials, in the residential construction projects such as now, usually have PVC ( PVC) Material such as, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, caigang, and different materials used by the building doors and Windows in the doors and Windows hardware accessories is different also, open the way for push-pull doors, Windows, flat open, hung on three, doors and Windows hardware fittings used should be consistent with the, first introduced several kinds of common doors and Windows hardware accessories and hardware handles matters needing attention of choose and buy:
a, a hand: used to open the window. Main effect is when the flat open casement is turned off the casement compression on the window frame, in order to achieve the role of sealing. Consumer is when the choose and buy should pay attention to observe the surface smooth, no burr, ok have weight, uniform coating on the surface of the can.
2, hinge: used to open doors and Windows. Consumer is when the choose and buy can observe the hinge material, with copper, iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy extrusion material processing, avoid by all means use hinge of the zinc alloy casting.
3, sliding support: support flat open casement, positioning of a device for opening and closing. Consumer is when the choose and buy to choose stainless steel material is good, the surface shall not have defects such as scratches, front edges, burrs, slip through opening and closing, a slight resistance.
4, pulley: bear the weight of each sliding door window, and horizontal direction. Roller frame should be paid attention to when consumer choose and buy materials and pulley whether use needle roller bearings or ball bearing, the sliding door with the pulley should choose heavy door with pulley, must not with push-pull window pulleys instead.

5, half moon lock: most of them between the fan and fan hook lock. Consumers should choose stainless steel or aluminum alloy production is preferred.
6, hinges, with high strength, strong bearing capacity, easy to tear open outfit, flexible for opening and closing, sound attenuation characteristics of trigeminal hinge is advisable.
7, sealing strip: due to the door and door plank is the combination of plate cutting between the closing moments about as high as 120 db noise, seriously affected the physical and mental health. USES the high strength and sealing strip, does not react with paint, guarantees the contact with the surface smoothness. And it also shock absorption, sound attenuation, sealing, sound insulation, moistureproof, etc. Should choose sealed performance is good hinges, slide, lock. Opening and closing when the choose and buy, pull a few times feeling its flexibility and convenience. Appropriate selection of flexible performance good lock. When the choose and buy is key to plug a few times to see shun is not smooth, switch whether ShengJin screwed up. Appearance performance of good type decorative metal shake handshandle. When the choose and buy is mainly see how appearance whether there is a defect, electroplating luster, feel is whether smooth, etc.
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