The choice of small shake handshandle, casual is delicate

by:DIgao     2020-07-17
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shake handshandle, domestic outfit in the humble little
optional, it can instantly make ordinary furniture pretend bility up!
the following the shake handshandle of beauty, is the architect of poetry at home for the compiled by dear friends
let little shake handshandle, your home casual fine!
fashion metallic
the shake handshandle of this kind of elegant, have qualitative feeling very on furniture. But this kind of need and cupboard door shake handshandle cohesion, ensure good and beautiful at the same time it is necessary to take into account before the design practice and design, can make a perfect details!
simple smart
the material of this kind of handle is in the cupboard door itself on the modelling of make, mostly is solid wood or wood texture, concise but not simple, very test technology level. This type of handle is very suitable for new Chinese style or modern minimalist design wind, will be very tasty!
dream tech
this kind of handle as out of science and technology museum, express the wisdom of the design. Sense of form and size are good, very feeling, suitable for all kinds of modern style!

old transformation paragraph home old belt or leftover bits of material can also be converted into literature the shake handshandle of rocks is very well! In small pure and fresh and small family or northern wind is very suitable for the household. Low cost great wisdom, you can have a try ~ ~

creative decoration type these shake handshandle is given priority to with the function of decoration, mainly in order to fit some style collocation, is also very creative.
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