The choice of domestic outfit cabinet handle and the suggestion

by:DIgao     2020-07-14
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to customize the overall cabinet room, when signing the contract will be finalized with you some of the detail of the configuration, the shake handshandle is one of them. Is sure to configure different style, different style and merchants can also offer some free, some charges, basic is enough to make you dazzling, feeling a little attention.
a: then what about the practicability of shake handshandle, don't know in your thoughts?
one, if your kitchen is most remain cooking function, and use frequency is higher, or you don't like often health care room type, it is strongly recommended that on the choice of shake handshandle no matter what style, what style, must not be too much texture ( Had better not) , clever, you must know the reason, I'm just a remind.
2, if you took a fancy to the shake handshandle of ambry of a solid, one side of the shake handshandle all attachment that on ambry door plank, so please confirm again carefully, really like to go to must have. The shake handshandle appears longer than the actual pitch, linear, use on the board type furniture more. As applied to streamline more add on ambry is concise and strong flavor. But please note that its use in the process, not showing finger, open cupboard door, much effort, also don't feel well. Allows you to open the cabinet door when not pay attention to this point is not convenient to about three months to half a year.
3, now a lot of ambry inn hall have hidden handle, the handle and the door plank, placed above the door plank, the simple to the extreme. But the handle to open, also not as good as the focus in ordinary shake handshandle. As alternative to whether must watch the handle on both sides of the handle is smooth, or contracts with vendors to emphasize the shake handshandle of press on your home ambry door plank handles smooth, plug or professional use. So the shake handshandle of aluminum, according to the size of door plank cutting, does not handle unavoidably hairy stubble, and more sharp. Due to the use of the handle hard habit is different from ordinary handle, two months before it is easy to scratch his arm.
4, choose the shake handshandle, one more thing, you may care for the length of the handle configuration. But am not sure whether to note that the handle on the back of the handle of the screw holes around how much area can cover up the holes. Choose the shake handshandle around screw hole area is larger. Why is that? Because of shake handshandle, the smaller the area around the screw holes, the shake handshandle of hitting the door hole requires more accurate, otherwise, a slight deviation, lead to handle hole leakage, door plank of scrap. Door plank of redo, not with a batch of products, color difference is inevitable, especially of the lacquer that bake door basic does not exist without off color. Other such as extend the time limit for a project, you much more for the installation workers several times of loss, calls to negotiate with merchants and so things and affect mood and so on can be neglected. Well, the few mistakes. But on the door handle hole, after all, is a manual operation, the possibility of error is inevitable. Especially the installation of shake handshandle is basic installation cabinet last work ( May after the table) , by this time the human spirit is the most easy to relax, in theory, this work is the most easy to get wrong. So, this is also needs to be considered in detail.
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