The advantages of ambry shake handshandle science color stainless steel bathroom cabinet?

by:DIgao     2020-07-29
Metal polishing base has been implemented, address: AngYi fishing cross the village ( Wood group for land) Polishing machine number 800, now the relevant matters: - - Shake handshandle science>
ambry colour stainless steel bathroom cabinet advantage is colorful, gives the design of bathroom space more imagination space, make whole household life more color, have strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, color coat over a long do not fade, colour and lustre with illumination Angle will produce different color changes, etc.

color stainless steel plate surface is can adopt a new technology called no fingerprint processing technology, this technology is mainly using nanometer technology layer on the surface of stainless steel sheet color protective layer to form a very thin and very strong, because you can avoid people leave their fingerprints after finger touch, so is also called color stainless steel plate no fingerprints. No fingerprint processing technology can be in color stainless steel mirror plate, wire drawing, grinding plate, etching plate, and so on all can be processed without the effect of fingerprint, can be a very good boost antirust function.
the shake handshandle is ambry science color stainless steel bathroom cabinet is introduced.
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