The advantage of the different materials of metal shake handshandle

by:DIgao     2020-07-18
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more hardware handles on the market at present has the following kinds: copper, zinc alloy material, wood material, plastic, aluminum material, ceramic material, stainless steel materials, iron material, acrylic material, etc.
with zinc alloy than major; The casting performance is good, can die casting precision of complicated shape and thin wall parts, casting surface smooth; For surface treatment: electroplating, spray, spray paint; On the melting and casting no iron, no corrosion pressed, non-stick mold; Have a good room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance; Low melting point, easy to melt at 385 degrees Celsius, die-casting molding.
and stainless steel compared with zinc alloy, the stability of raw materials; Simple, straight pipe, mostly in the inclined tube, square tube; The surface is not easy to rust, direct polishing can avoid the cost of electroplating.
the last iron compared with zinc alloy, iron raw materials price stability; Simple, mould cost is low; For surface treatment: electroplating, spray paint, spraying; Easy to rust.
comparison, made of zinc alloy metal shake handshandle is relatively expensive, stainless steel is relatively cheap, but not durable, iron more durable, price is more appropriate, but there is some lack in beautiful.
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