the 6 most ingenious misuses of military hardware

by:DIgao     2020-06-23
War is serious. Life-and-death stuff.
Cruel, bloody and ruthless.
But who says it\'s not fun? !
Whether it\'s eating bacon, sledding, or taking them out for ice cream, here are the six clever uses of combat gear that prove a bit of war as an excuse for not having a party.
Making ice cream using fighter jets is more likely to cause machine gun noise than World War II toys
Time fighter
It\'s easy to understand why children like them: the real machine is the worst machine ever made.
They were killed on the ground, at sea and in the air.
When you run out of them and tear your enemies in the rain of bullets, you can also make some refreshing ice cream for yourself!
Yes: you can quote: and it\'s not just an isolated incident that was the equivalent of Bill Murray caused by World War II ---the practice .
In some cases, the soldier even asked the pilot to make a circle and barrel roll to stir the ice cream, not even as troublesome as installing the mixer with the F4U
Thankfully, modern aircraft are no longer used for these trivial things.
If you need to introduce the concept of machine guns, tea heated with machine guns, our good friends, we will tell you that old machine guns often run too hot when the barrels are replaced, they have to be dealt.
So it is clear that when they do not deal with hot metal deaths to any ethnic group, they do a double responsibility. . . as teakettles.
Those old machine guns often have big bags on the sides, full of glycerin, water, and even if everything else fails.
No matter what the liquid is, after the gun is fired, everything in the bag becomes boiling.
Never waste resources, those cunning Brits often use pre-heated bags hoping they don\'t peebags mixed up.
In some cases, the soldiers were even observed that there was no reason to fire an explosion other than simply heating the water, as the gun could boil the water in less than a minute ---
Faster than any other heating method they come into contact.
Yes: the first Taiwanese businessman uses a microwave oven. . .
It\'s a Vex machine gun.
Ignite the campfire with plastic explosives, combine all the fun of stupid putty with all the dangers of a live bomb, plastic explosives change the face of modern warfare.
These things are a little more powerful than TNT, and a pound is enough to make you and everyone in your 8 feet-meter range turn into meat ice in the air.
Or blow up a delicious fries!
You can cook with c4 completely.
Talk about soldiers doing it.
The problem is that even though C4 is a huge deadly explosion, it is almost completely safe: you can cut, burn or even shoot it without exploding it.
When burning, it releases enough heat to ignite the wettest wood, so it\'s not uncommon to tell stories about soldiers sitting around a campfire made of plastic explosives.
But before you run to unstable Ted black market explosives and fire pits, remember that we said \"almost completely safe\" there \".
This asshole is almost here: we will be up to you to weigh the pros and cons of the situation.
On the one hand: inhalation of toxins in the air.
On the other hand: BBQ will make your friends happy, just like it scares your enemies.
3 riot shield is a humble riot shield, whether it is bashing on the faces of hippies, liberals, college students or hippie liberal college students, and riot shield is the main symbol of police brutality and oppression around the world.
Now, also for the sled!
It is solid plastic, very smooth and even a bit concave-
Like all the best ads. hoc sleds.
But, man, who on earth would steal a riot shield for skiing?
Even if you go through all the security measures and break the lock that supplies the locker and somehow avoid the dog, you still have to wait until the right time: when they did not destroy the Union and skull in the same way, after the first snowfall, riot police were found to slide down the hillside as happily as a child.
After all, the police are just people. a little snow can turn all of us into eight people --year-olds.
But for the street reps of the police force, it\'s a bad thing when the photos they hang out on the dead Hills are leaked to the media.
After the video was first leaked, the police were condemned for abusing police equipment because riot gear was very expensive: it was exactly what the police were doing with the body-proof material.
But wait a minute--
They are worried that the snow will damage their expensive riot gear, but can they bring it into the actual conflict?
We always knew that the sled was great, but we never thought it was more hardcore than the sled.
The Cold War is about cruise missiles: It\'s great trans-continental Dick-
Waving ruler
It looks like a dick. it was launched from a nuclear submarine (
This is just another bigger guy)
Then it blows up anyone who boldly questions the size of your dick.
This is a rotating penis that exploded and died, and what we\'re talking about here is ---
When you see someone coming, you know the end is approaching.
Well, it\'s either an \"end\" or a postcard from grandma.
Used to deliver mail with cruise missiles.
It\'s Arthur E, postmaster.
Sammerfeld came up with the most logical solution to the apparently slow mail problem in the US in late 1950.
He was the first to dare to ask, \"the train?
Wait, why don\'t we \"take time out of the busy schedule threatening communism and look like a huge metal hole that was drafted by sammerfield to deliver. . . . Wait --
Why is it a submarine, not just a boat?
Just like they just added s * t at this point because it sounds cool.
S. Postal Service is certainly its first and possibly its last foray into an explosive and awe-inspiring area, but it sees no major problem with the plan.
It entered the Atlantic Ocean and launched a cruise missile directly to the main population center. -
All of this is to deliver about 3,000 letters.
The whole action was inexplicably successful.
They delivered the water fee with a rocket and everyone agreed that this is exactly what needs to happen.
It was quoted by sammerfield himself as saying that it was \"of historical significance to the people of the whole world,\" and \"before man reached the moon, mail from New York to California, the UK, India or Australia will be delivered via a missile within a few hours.
\"In a way, he is right: we did find a way to send mail at an impossible speed;
We just do this with 1 and 0 instead of burning, speeding cruise missiles.
No one here says our choice is wise.
Lighting cigarettes with a nuclear bomb has only been used a few times in history.
They are too risky, terrible, too dangerous to deploy easily.
Only when the stakes are overwhelming, when there is absolutely no other recourse, or when you put the lighter at home and you really need a cigarette will you drop a nuclear bomb
That\'s right: Ted Taylor used to light a cigarette with a nuclear bomb and his ball might need a pickup truck to take from place to place.
If you think he just lit a match (
In addition to the most tired elite mercenary troops, this act has made him eligible to be the bad guy in everyone\'s mind)
This is not the case: he is from 14-
Thousands of tons of nuclear explosions in the Nevada desert
One more time, for those who have just been temporarily blind in the madness of the last sentence: a person once gained energy from a nuclear explosion. . .
Just to light his cigarette.
He lived very well, but there was no news about whether he smoked or not.
So we have to assume that he did.
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