tesla\'s wonder cars tripped up by dumb door handles

by:DIgao     2020-08-05
Tesla Model S is a breakthrough. The first long-
Luxury electric car series.
Amazing acceleration. A 16-
LED center display.
So after putting such amazing technology into a car, the owner is still confused by a technology
A fault involving functions as old as the car itself: door handles.
Since the launch of the Model S, the problematic door handle has been one of the problems complained by the owner.
Even now, after nearly three years of launch, they are still a problem, as the consumer report has just discovered, the Model S of the $127,000 performance version it just purchased.
When the door handle does not work, it is able to enter the car from the passenger\'s side, but the car does not turn to driving, the magazine said --
Obviously, because if a door is thought to be half open, the transmission will not leave the park.
These are not ordinary door handles.
Before the driver approached, Tesla was unique in equaling with the car.
They reach out when they feel the key is nearby.
The same magazine said it had similar door handle issues a year ago, the biggest complaint among the 1,300 Tesla owners who responded to the magazine\'s survey.
Otherwise, they generally like the car.
\"For a car that has changed everything, it is strange to see a relatively mechanical system in the power system and infotainment system that is their biggest problem,\" Consumer reports the car.
Tesla Motor CEO Elon Musk is known for being picky about the details of the car, such as seat comfort, and apparently he has not repaired his clumsy door handle.
Tesla officials said they were not aware of the project.
In addition to the cost of having to constantly repair them during the warranty period, faulty door handles also cost Tesla money.
A year ago, when Milwaukee lawyer Vince Meno tried to get Tesla to take back a car on behalf of a customer under Wisconsin lemon law, one of the complaints was about the door handle.
After reading the latest findings from the consumer report on Monday, Megna said he felt \"right \".
\"While Tesla\'s door handle design is unique, since keyless entry has become a common feature of many cars, many other automakers are struggling to solve the same problem.
If drivers cannot enter their car electronically, they need to have a spare way to open the door.
Automakers usually install a metal key and lock core somewhere.
Tesla says there are other ways to get into the car if the door handle doesn\'t work.
If one door doesn\'t work, maybe the other will-
The tester found the consumer report.
If the battery on the key chain is dead, the door will open if the key is placed on the windshield of the car.
The consumer report rated the expected reliability of the Tesla Model S as \"average \".
The answer to Tesla\'s question is simple: \"They have to improve the reliability of everything on this car,\" Fisher said.
\"They need to sweat for the details.
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