Technology innovation upgrade metal coat hooks products into a new stage

by:DIgao     2020-06-15
With the rapid development of metal clothing industry and general and engineering metal clothes in such aspects as strength unceasing enhancement, metal coat hooks products are also constantly expanding, the application scope of the dosage of the metallic clothing products is on the rise. Statistics show that China's metal clothing products production of close to ten thousand tons, but also in the growth process, therefore the domestic demand for metal clothes mould industry in China has a huge driving force. The metal clothes processing industry in China still remain stable growth, but growth decline. In domestic metallic clothing processing enterprise structure, constitute the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, most of them with metal clothes making low-end commodity is given priority to, a lot of metal clothing products materials is poor, poor quality, can use in the similar products abroad, less than years to retire at home, lack of attractive and competitive products. Although traditional metal clothes commodities still has a broad market, but the raw material and labor costs continue to increase, low cost advantage of domestic metal coat hooks enterprises gradually disappear. China metal clothes processing industry association director Qian Guijing said that domestic metallic clothing industry has entered the stage of quality level, on, the enterprise must pay attention to technology upgrading and independent innovation. ( This article from dongguan company fu sen hook)
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