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by:DIgao     2020-06-28
It was a pleasure to leave, but it was nice to know that everything in the house was in order.
Barclays mortgage has released a new digital home report pointing out the best smart technology to take care of our family.
When we travel around the world, there are a lot of home technology that can take care of our property right now.
This is our front ten1)
The smart thermostat is the best feeling in the world and even after a wonderful trip it walks into your front door and feels warm and immediately knows you\'re home.
The new smart thermostat allows you to control the heating through your phone, which means you can turn the heating on before jumping on the plane home, or put the heating in a specific room for pets you leave to your neighbor to feed.
The main supplier of intelligent thermostats is Nest (pictured above)
And the hive, and the government.
In the Barclays mortgage digital home report, the smart thermostat ranks among the top five, and the supported technology is already very popular in our family.
Nest offers 249. com2)
Smart lights remember the days when you scramble to find a light timer, trying to remember which painting you put it back on your last vacation, or, once you find it, how to set the time on it?
With smart lighting being introduced into our home, it means we can control our lights from our smartphones, no matter where we are. Smart.
Ready-made lighting options in various shapes and sizes can now be purchased, some combining lights with speakers, and some just separate bulbs. To get a near-
Full set, Philips Hue is a great choice to allow you to control the lighting of the whole house.
Amazon offers 176. co. uk3)
Smart Security alerts if you travel with family or friends, you need to make sure your house is in safe hands.
When you\'re lying on a sunny beach for a cocktail or two, there\'s nothing better than watching your home.
The new Smart Security Alert allows you to do this because you can protect the entire house, the individual areas, and even monitor through live video clips on your smartphone.
There are many systems in the UK, some control only one area, and some control the whole house remotely.
Yale is one of the most trusted providers of alarm systems, offering a variety of systems to meet a variety of needs and property. £600 (
Including instilling)
From Yale. co. uk4)
Smart smoke detectors in your absence, of all the things that can happen, a house fire is one of the worst things.
The smart smoke detector will not only remind you when a fire occurs, but will also remind you before the fire occurs.
If there is any sudden change in temperature, the app will immediately remind you to give you as many opportunities as you can to save any item and stop the outbreak, even if you are in half of the Earth.
Monitoring changes in smoke and temperature, detectors like birdi monitor carbon monoxide and give you a reading about the air quality in your home so you can be sure when you go home, you are surrounded by a clean and healthy atmosphere. Pre-
Order from getbirdi. com5)
The days when smart locks put the keys under or behind the bins have passed-but we still need to have neighbors in our house from time to check posts or feed the cats.
So how can we do this safely?
The answer is simple: smart locks.
The lock is controlled by the smartphone and can be unlocked and locked again just by pressing the button.
If someone needs to enter your property, you can have full control of letting them in and lock them in again so you can even time them if you want.
There is a wide variety on the market, and some are able to integrate with the heating system to set \"indoor\" and \"outdoor\" temperatures.
Check out Danalock smartlock currys. co. uk 6)
Biometric door locks work very similarly to smart locks, which accept registered fingerprints to activate the locks and allow people to enter our homes.
Every fingerprint must be prepared in advance.
Register and match the name given at the time of registration, which means you can track who entered your home and when.
If you are away for a few weeks and need a friend to water the plant, feed the cat or check the post, but don\'t want to be disturbed when you leave, this is for you
There are many locks and some of the main technicians are also involved.
One of the most popular is the Samsung Ezon door lock.
Samsung offers Samsung Ezon door lock. co. uk7)
For most smart home tech products, you need a solid Internet connection to take care of your home.
Barclays mortgage digital home reports fast and secure connections are top priorities for homes
Tech homeowners will look for it at home.
It\'s not surprising when our lives, homes, or trips are so dependent on secure broadband connections.
Powerful internet connections don\'t seem to be a complex technology because we all use the Internet a lot, but with more and more smart devices being used, no matter where we are, it is vital that we all can rely on our connections.
Full broadband and TV package for £ 21.
99 is available from virginmedia. com8)
Smart fridge after a lifetime trip, open the fridge for the first time and see that all your food is out of date and it\'s terrible to go home.
After a long flight, the last minute rush to the corner shop is the last thing anyone wants.
With a smart refrigerator, you can monitor what you have at any time, and even get notifications when your favorite food is getting less and less.
All of this means that when you wait for your flight home, you have exhausted your duty free time and you can check what\'s in the fridge and pick up any essentials at the last minute, to save a terrible trip when returning home.
Many home appliance giants have smart refrigerators like Samsung, LG and Beko to choose from.
Various models provided by Lg. com9)
Smart OvensIf if you are on a short trip to the country and want to walk into the taste of freshly cooked meals when you come back, a smart oven may only be for you.
If you are well organized enough to prepare a meal in the smart oven before the break, you can instruct the oven to start cooking your meal at the right moment on your way home, it\'s on your smartphone.
Smart ovens may not be in everyone\'s home yet, but experts predict that they will become the norm once the British start using smart kitchen appliances.
Like smart refrigerators, smart ovens are now available in most big brands, including Breville, Samsung and LG.
Various models are available in Breville. co. uk10)
The smart garden hubA smart garden center lets you control your gardon when you\'re out, as you can set the time for watering plants and grass.
If the weather at home gets worse when you are lying on the beach reading a copy of the sun, you can also change the time.
There are a variety of smart garden centers on the market, and some even use solar panels to monitor the weather and change their water usage patterns accordingly.
The gutters automatic water supply system is provided by Guttermate. co.
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