Teach you how to choose suits own traffic police rapid wheel lock multi-function police curtain

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Wheel lock range on the market, how to choose a suitable traffic police rapid wheel lock multi-function police shade, mainly from set out actually, according to the size of their car models choose suitable products. Main wheel locks, traffic police, speed is divided into three categories, respectively is vice wheel locks, tire locks and fold three jaw chuck type tire lock. Vice tires small clip wheel lock lock using the double row of marbles, internal pressure side column locking structure, overcomes the traditional night lock up and down or when the row of night lock cannot prevent technologies such as open Achilles' heel. Is the eye round cakes before the lock the cheapest wheel lock on the market. Lock the car is not affected by the tire diameter, fool. Four wheels can lock at will. Zhejiang chung gold security technology the wheel lock adopts stainless steel structure, it saw, shear, prevent knocking, and USES the precision cylindrical computer code lock core, ensure security guard against theft, activity when locked, as long as the pull rod rod, automatic lock. For rectangular lock all kinds of medium models of cars. Suction-cup tire lock lock the car when the fast and accurate, lock body side with black non-slip rubber sheet. Lock the car when will not damage the vehicle and tire. Suction-cup tires with the mechanical gearing structure principle, with the keys and different crank, have double insurance mechanism; Zhejiang chung king security science and technology of this kind of lock is made of high quality and high strength steel stamping, humanized design, will not damage the locked the wheels. Reasonable safety lock design, quality, stable performance, wide range of car lock, convenient operation, etc. Double insurance, can firmly lock the car wheel; Tire lock product USES the function of the country's most advanced security technology, built-in anti-theft alarm functions, such as encounter violent disassembly or strong vibration will make super ( 120 db (a) Alarm to prevent violence pry open action, deterrence and scary as damage, can effectively prevent criminals use electronic translator vehicle theft. Fold three jaw tire lock is pry proof durable, vehicle weight is big, very heavy generally need 2 individual operation. Zhejiang chung king of the house of security technology three jaw lock up safety performance is high, the overall performance is strong, the bearing strength of large, strong clamping force, lock body is very strong, can withstand any hit pry tool and will not cause damage to the lock body. Best mechanics principle, is used to design structure of three jaw is fixed, the nail cover square plate close to the wheel at the same time, the use of locking device, can firmly lock the wheels. Materials used on three thick rectangular steel tubes, nail cover use double deck to 5 mm square plate made of high qualified steel plate mould stamping, lock up to 26 kg weight, strong and durable. In the light of the unique structure of three jaw fixed and free expansion of tire locking device, can lock the heavy vehicle tyres including diameter of 900 mm, 1000 mm and 1100 mm, 1200 mm and 1300 mm. Double insurance mechanism design is reasonable, the special crank and rectangle lock, be short of one cannot. Operation need two people to cooperate with more rapid one minute a heavy vehicle can be locked firmly. Second, choose model design suitable products.
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