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by:DIgao     2020-06-29
Many of us will enter smart homes in the near future. e.
, Usually with its own smartphone app, will be fully automated and able to monitor and control the home from a distance.
For many of us, it may have been nearly 20 years to see a car.
Passengers click the button on the remote control to raise the garage shutter from the car when approaching the driveway.
For residents of Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Delhi, this is no longer a daydream or a distant dream.
The smart home movement has begun.
According to Time magazine, the annual turnover of smart homes worldwide is expected to reach $12 billion.
A survey of 220 projects in Bengaluru last year showed that 80 of them are building fully automated homes that cost more than rupees.
According to Madhav Rao, national secretary of the Indian Association of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE)
Smart home construction is expected to grow at 35 to 40.
By 2016,300 projects will have fully automated homes.
ISHRAE will organize Acrex India 2015 in Bangalore during February 26-28, enabling 400 exhibitors to showcase components that enter smart homes.
The smart home movement is mainly guided by the increasing demand for safety, comfort and the requirements for reducing energy consumption.
The arrival of cloud computing and smart home appliances has promoted the development of the Internet.
These two developments make it possible for developers to design stylish homes that take care of owners\' tastes, needs, emotions and, in some cases, even traits.
For example, the occupant can turn on the lights in the driveway, air-
Air conditioning and exhaust fan, pull the Venetian blinds down before he gets home from the construction site.
If the eggs in the tray in the refrigerator run out, ping may appear on the smartphone.
Before arriving, you can heat the food in the oven or open the cabinet with a biometric ID.
Tilak Thomas, the architect of the Thomas association, said an era of water that will be more expensive is coming.
\"Each individual occupant of the apartment already needs to charge water proportionally because the current system is considered unfair because it averages water for all occupants regardless of the size of their family
Smart devices will make it possible.
\"One would agree that all of this falls within the scope of the needs of families whose spouse works and whose children go to school.
The team of architects, developers and innovators, who recently participated in the panel discussion in Bengaluru, agreed that smart homes are no longer seen as an indulgence because the complexity of life has begun to demand such facilities.
Tilak Thomas says smart buildings are already in the business space and people have not started choosing smart homes until now.
Ramakrishnan, deputy general manager of Sobha Developers, said that such home costs have fallen due to cloud computing, and in several smart devices, these devices can run from the same platform. D.
Nirmal Ram, president of Acrex, believes that automation follows the same cost trajectory as the phone set nearly 20 years ago.
\"As the phone becomes more affordable for ordinary people, it becomes more affordable.
\"But they became in-thing.
Smart home needs a common platform for multiple sensors and gadgets to work together.
Thus, interoperability will be a key word because they need to be integrated in order to operate them from the same smartphone.
Air conditioning, LCD TV, electronic door lock
Different protocols and standards are followed for air conditioning, exhaust and blinds.
Some issues are involved in their installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair.
Indians are building a home all their lives, and the old rate of electronic products is very high.
Developers will have to deal with the issues of regular replacement and renovation of various manufacturers, setting standards and compliance.
Automation professionals and technicians are required to be trained.
Many of the elders of the family are not technicians. savvy.
Developers will have to deal with the problem of educating family members.
Any strict access control system needs to be relaxed.
Technology will need to deal with a wide range of service providers in apartments or closed communities.
Then there may be a power failure and a backup problem with the manual system must be handled. Avinash K.
Goutam, CEO of Silvan Innovation Labs, said priority must be given to setting standards for smart devices and homes.
But he is convinced that even at the current stage of development, the cost of \"intelligence\" the family is lower than the cost of the wardrobe.
Tilak believes that the commitment to low energy consumption will become the main driving force for smart homes.
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