Suction-cup metal coat hooks used correctly

by:DIgao     2020-06-16
Chuck metal coat hooks fall off when use always meet problem, the following is to teach a few let chuck metal coat hooks stronger practical tips. Evenly, can put the egg whites with cotton liquid to the suction cup metal clothes hook, and then stick to the ceramic tile or glass, to be completely dry before hanging heavy objects. And apply some soap water on the underside of the suction cup metal clothes hook, and then stick on the wall, can more strong. , reinforce the suction cup can also apply a little cream on the back of the suction cups, stick to metope place a day after use. Chuck, the metal clothes and put them in the hot water hot seconds out, also can have the effect of reinforcement sucker hook. , there is a more simple way to drop some water in the suction cups, chuck quickly glued to the plane. ( This article from dongguan company fu sen hook)
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