Stick to solid wall hook

by:DIgao     2020-06-18
Dongguan fu sen plastic peg co. , LTD. , there are many kinds of metal clothes hook, hook one wall is need to stick in metope, in life there are a lot of people don't know how to tie the plastic stick on the wall, plastic viscosity generally have a long shelf life, if do not pay attention to glue method, so will soon lose viscosity, buy back to the wall of the plastic hook hook will lose viscosity, it is easy to fall off. Before you stick to wipe off the wall. Wall hook stick place must as far as possible the smooth level off, as much as possible to increase the contact area of viscous material and wall. It a lot of people know it. But many people don't know that before the paste hook, must first metope with wet cloth to wipe clean, remove dust, and then use dry cloth to wipe the water. The dust on the wall will largely damage viscous wall hook, lead to wall hook failure. If you don't try so hard, waiting for half an hour after dry wall, make sure all moisture evaporates, effect is better. Paste is complete, please use the hand pressed on sticky hook at least minutes. It is important to ensure that sufficient adhesion viscous material and wall, a lot of people stick then let it go, this is not enough. Please don't hang weight immediately. In general, wall hook, glue can make the wall hook and walls along at least hours alone, if you want to effect is good, hours is better. A stick is good just to hang things in many people, this time to hook a force, make the gunk left metope, unable to fully mix. So at least the gunk hours of time, can make better effect.
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