spraypainting outdoor furniture illustrated guide

by:DIgao     2020-08-12
For those of you who know me, you know I\'m frugal.
If there is something I can save or fix, I will do it every time instead of buying a new one.
The same is true of my outdoor furniture.
We bought a terrace in Costco a few years ago and the price was very good.
Sitting in the hot sun in central Oregon, however, did not help it maintain its original black gloss.
By this summer, all the chairs and tables had faded to gray.
I decided not to take a shot of the set, but only a little thought.
However, we live in a region where wind is an important factor ---
So how to finish it safely without causing excessive
Spraying everything in my yard and in my neighbor\'s yard became my challenge.
Think about it, I figured out how to spray my patio furniture safely.
It turns out to be a great way to restore our forging
Iron lawn with furniture.
However, I will make some notable additions in the future.
For what you are painting, paint with felt or other suitable paint type ---
The number of cans will depend on how many you re-paint-
I have used about half a jar on each chair garage or other suitable housing to build paint room paint brush, a combination of a duster or a swifferVisqueen plastic or paint drop cloth or tape or laundry cloth, used to wipe hands, drops and spills that you want to re-apply mineral spirits or other paint remover
I made a studio with our garage door.
It turns out that this is a great way to draw without taking excessive risks. spray.
I made this room with Visqueen plastic and paint drop cloth combination.
I fixed the drip cloth to the garage door stand, then fixed the rest of the room to the Visqueen and tape the cloth.
You can also use clothing caps to keep both sides closed and overlapping.
The last drawing room is 3-
There is a floor of dripping cloth.
It opens in front, allowing air to flow, and also helps in the final drying stage.
The furniture to be repainted should be brushed off or cleaned up.
Use a clean paint brush, dry cloth, brush or duster.
You want no hair, leaves and dirt on the surface before repainting.
If there is obvious rust, Please brush it on the surface with a strong thread and scrub it hard to remove the rust.
Make sure the furniture is in the best condition before starting the paint.
This may require brushing wires, sanding and primer depending on the state of the part you plan to paint.
Put the furniture you want to paint indoors.
Pour it over. Begin painting.
Remember to shake the spray tank of paint from time to ensure that the paint is mixed in the spray tank.
Keep in mind that the most effective painting is done with a light hand.
This means not to coat the furniture as it may not be attached to the metal and it does not look flat.
Use smooth, stable, uniform strokes.
To illustrate, on the tip of the back of the chair, I used up and down movement instead of side-to-side movement to sprain.
I also go around the chair from multiple angles to get the best coverage for all surfaces.
After drawing the lower surface, grab the piece where there is no paint and turn it to the right.
Continue to spray as before, make sure to approach the workpiece from different angles, and often check whether the workpiece is fully covered.
Look for any drops and pat them with a rag.
Make it completely dry before any touchup sprays.
If you have finished the work smoothly and evenly, usually touch
It takes only a few minutes. After touch-
Ups, let it dry completely again.
If you are painting more than 1 piece, place them in the paint room so you can easily move around each piece and spray them from all directions.
Also checked
Spray possibilities depending on where you place other items.
In most cases, it will not be hurt by excessive use
The spray will only add more paint to the other item, but make sure that part of one item will not be sprayed over and over again as you spray other items.
Some people use primer before adding tops.
I found that there was only one Rustoleum coat that worked well under touch
Get up in a few hours
I also use satin finish to get the look I want, which is not a shiny look but still makes a good finish for the furniture.
Life and study --
Security spray painting is a good way to make things new again.
However, the smoke associated with spraying may be quite toxic.
I do think I have made this public.
End the drawing room.
In fact, the chamber did work 100% in this regard because the wind was behind me and blew the smoke away from me.
One thing I didn\'t think about, however, is that no matter where you are, you are going to overdo it. spray.
Under so much pressure, you can\'t have something coming out of a jar somewhere you don\'t go.
My arms, legs, face and hair, especially in my nose, are all over the place.
While this is very humorous for my family, yes, even for myself, it can be a dangerous thing when I look in the mirror.
Especially the paint in my nose.
So I will recommend these safety precautions in the future: wearing a mask to protect your mouth and wearing a hat for a long time
Long-sleeved shirts, trousers, big swear and socks (
My first chair was barefoot and finally black)
Regularly check in the mirror to see if you are accumulating paint and re-adjust your paint room or method as appropriate, spraying is a way to restore outdoor furniture to a similar statenew state.
However, a sprain can be dangerous if you don\'t do it.
It can also lead to a huge mess due to excessive usespray.
When you start cleaning up, something you can\'t see when spraying will quickly become apparent.
Rust or other Rust
Waterproof painting is very useful for restoring BBQ, painting tables and chairs or benches.
You can redo the fixtures and a variety of things, and the good thing is that you can do it in any color you can imagine.
Take the time to read your article and then develop your spray strategy as this is the most important part.
Know where you can spray safely without causing excessive
The spray will definitely make you feel good instead of creating a new disaster to clean up the work.
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