some handles go into hiding; others make grand entrance

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
There are no buttons on 2011 spaceships and no door handles on the space station.
Cars, sometimes eager to be spaceships, seem to want to lose their old-
Old door handle.
A few decades ago, car customizers like George Barris drove out their handles and sometimes replaced them with hidden electric release devices.
Car designers tend to design flush, smooth handles as carefully as possible.
These, as well as some impractical features such as the drum wing door and the small (or absent)
At the auto show, the rearview mirror has always been the main product of the concept car.
I once asked Peter Horbury, who is now the design director of Volvo.
He explained that designers assume that the doors of the future will magically open.
They have also been watching Star Trek and Star Wars. ”Until thought-
The designer hides the means of access and it becomes feasible to start the operation.
Cadillac has dedicated an entire ad for this feature: \"The door handle is invisible\", the company in CTS-
Performance Coupe.
Advertising suggests that this detail shows the purity of the car design.
It is a form of vegetation that does not dare March with grip.
Advertising for CTS
V is not the first Cadillac with hidden handles.
The GM department has successfully transferred the concealed door handle of the 1999 Evoq concept car, which defines so-
The 2004 XLR, known as the artistic and scientific look, inspired the production of cars.
Corvette, a kissing cousin of XLR, offers a similar hidden handle.
Other companies hide handles on more generic models.
To retain the lines of the modern Veloster\'s svelte coupe, designers hide the handles of their third door by making it black and flush.
Nissan Juke also disguised two rear door handles in the dark frame of the rear glass;
The result is consistent with the look of Juke: this is a comic for a solid rally car.
This trick to hide the handle in C-
Before the 4 th, the pillar was already hit.
Nissan Pathfinder in 1990 and gate version of Alpha Romeo 147 in 2001.
The door handle is like a handshake: this is how the car introduces itself.
Therefore, it is appropriate for the handle to reflect the personality of the vehicle they are connected.
The Volkswagen New Beetle is round and cute like Mickey Mouse\'s hand with gloves.
The Nissan 50Z in 2003 introduced an upright handle similar to the door at home or in the lab.
Its design provides a mechanical accent, in contrast to the softer body of the Nissan American design company\'s Diane Allen and Ajay panshire-designed sports car.
Chrome accent on Mercedes-Benz S-
First class luxury, while the solid black handle of the Jeep Wrangler has the quality of camping tools.
The latest Honda Odyssey minivan shows a close relationship with luxury cars;
It\'s chrome off
Set handle similar to pair handle on old car
Open the suicide door
Generally speaking, the more expensive a car is, the more invisible its handle is.
There is no visible access on the new McLaren MP412C;
To learn about opening the door, people sweep their hands under the ridge extending forward from the back air spoon.
The handle on the Mercedes sls amg remains flush with the smooth side unless it pops up with the remote key fob.
This trick pays tribute to the 1955 uhulenhaut coupe, which also has flush handles for its drum wing doors.
The Audi R8 hides the handle at the touch point under the side panel.
The customizer has designed the system to allow the driver to open the door in the wave of imperialism
As long as the electronic key fob is in range.
A version of the article was printed on page AU2 of The New York edition on July 3, 2011 with the title: Some handles are hidden;
The others are big entrances.
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