smart-power chips are the latest turn-on a new silicon chip isn\'t just smart; it can handle loads of power too. the smart-power chip will cut electric bills and bring a new generation of household products, intriguing electronic gadgets for cars, and the

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-A new type of semiconductor chip is about to create miracles in a variety of products, including many standard household products.
The chip is helping to make the air conditioner, and it can keep running --and-
Go to noise, fluorescent lamps with higher efficiency and longer duration, computer tablet displays showing clearer images than ever before, and new accessories for cars.
The chip also promises to significantly reduce energy consumption through alternate use
The current motor is 40% more efficient than the current one.
The latest chip is called a smart chip.
Power integrated circuit.
It combines computer logic and electricity on a piece of silicon-
The power handling capability is usually assigned to a collection of power transistors and other obsolete components: triors, capacitors, and Zener diodes.
Micro intelligence-
Power chip will replace all Tongue Twister (
See page 96 of the photo)
And bring efficiency to the design and operation of products containing motors or lamps.
Because these chips can withstand high voltage. -
The voltage of the ordinary computer chip is as high as 100 times-
They are sometimes called High
Voltage integrated circuit.
Some industry executives believe that,
The power chip market will be equivalent to the microprocessor market running computers.
Benefits of intelligence-
Power chips, like other integrated circuits, are small in size, low in cost and easy to produce on a large scale.
There\'s a new chip, says Michael S.
Adler, General Electric Power Electronics lab manager, Schenectady, New York, said, \"We are on the verge of a second electronic revolution.
The revolution originated in the 1970 s, when James pulumer, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University, was looking for a way to power a portable reader for his colleague\'s blind daughter.
He came up with one.
By applying a voltage chip for metal oxide semiconductor technology (MOS) for the manufacture of standard integrated circuits.
With the chip, prumer\'s colleague developed Optacon, which uses a small camera to get the image of the letters in the text printed in regular books and newspapers.
The Plummer\'s chip converts the image into a pulse, pushing up the small pins on the pad to form letters and numbers.
Prumer\'s intelligence
Power chips have attracted the attention of several semiconductor companies. Siliconix Inc.
Santa Clara, California and Supertex
The nearby Sunnyvale immediately began to commercialize prumer\'s work.
Siliconix specializes in the production of power transistors and other semiconductors for industrial and military customers.
The company has avoided the PC and video game market and turned against the recent downturn in the semiconductor industry: making $8.
Record sales were $4 million.
3 million in mid-1984, its stock, the foreign exchange, recently reached $19.
75 per share, 52 per share-week high.
On the other hand, the main production standard of Supertex-
Release integrated circuits.
In the nine months ending December, it lost $820,000 in sales of $13.
3 million, its shares are in a state of collapse.
The enthusiasm of the two companies for smart is no longer alone. power chips.
Although the market is small, it is growing rapidly. Arthur E.
Siliconix, vice president of anger, marketing, estimated intelligencepower-
Chip sales last year were $1 million, $8 million this year and $80 million next year.
The lure of such a rapidly growing market has attracted Texas Instruments, National Semiconductor, RCA and other semiconductor manufacturers.
Most are still in the smart design phase.
Power chips that are produced in small quantities or are being produced.
The two giants are still growing: Motorola, which aims to monopolize the car market, and General Electric, which wants to dominate the production of smart cars.
Power chips for fluorescent lamps and small motors for electrical appliances and industrial tools.
One of the biggest beneficiaries of smart power will be small AC powercurrent motor.
It is estimated that 95% of cars in the United StatesS.
Running on AC, they can only run at a speed determined by the current frequency.
In the United States, the AC motor consumes about 60% of the electricity. S.
Because they run at a constant speed, a lot of time is wasted. Smart-
The power chip will allow the AC motor to electronically adjust the speed of the motor and the amount of electricity required according to the task at hand.
For example, when a bit encounters a harder metal, it automatically accelerates rather than slows down.
At least for now, smart-
Power chips are used only for very small horsepower motors for household appliances and industrial tools.
They will also be on big cars in a few years.
As the main promoter of dumb AC motor transformation, GE will be intelligent
Power chip and can put it into its brand-
Name of equipment and machine tool. James A.
Baker, executive vice president of General Electric, believes that the arrival of smart power is crucial to the company\'s future: \"We have won the winning combination.
GE will launch its first smartphone product in April. power chip--
Kitchen matchbox sized equipment, when connected to a small AC motor, it will allow the motor to run at variable speed.
Any company that uses or produces an AC motor is a potential customer. Smart-
The power chip will soon begin replacing various electro-mechanical relays and switches, especially in the electrical field.
In the washing machine, the chip will eliminate the gear and transmission that adjust the constant speed of the motor according to different washing cycles.
In most air conditioners, the motor remains on until the required room temperature is reached and then cut off. A variable-
In contrast, the speed motor slows down or accelerates to keep the temperature constant-
More efficient operation. !
Washing machine with variable-
According to GE\'s Baker, the speed motor will be available this year.
They will not come from GE, but from foreign manufacturers who use GE chips and motors.
Smart air conditioning from USAS.
In addition to foreign manufacturers, they are already under test and will be available next year.
Although GE wants to dominate the smartphone space
Opportunities for rapid development of electric appliances
There will be no shortage of small moving companies.
XO industrial company in private possession
Mountain View, California, built an intelligent
Power ballast for fluorescent lamps.
The ballast activates the lamp and then prevents excessive current from flowing into the lamp.
The XO industry has built an industry that uses a relatively small amount of electricity, eliminates flickering and allows lights to darken.
So far, the new XO ballast is powered by a separate power supply assembly, but it is still 40% more efficient than the old one
Old-fashioned peers.
XO estimates that a department in the United StatesS.
The General Services authority can save the office $60 million a year by replacing this ballast. When smart-
Power chip for next generation ballast--
XO said it could be in a year. -
The cost of ballasts that are now more expensive than ordinary varieties will drop.
The automotive industry will become another big user of smart cars. power chips.
Their utility in the car will be \"infinite \".
Charles Tracy, head of electronics, General Motors Research Laboratory.
Tracy pointed out that designers have been cramming on more and more electrical functions ---
Power windows, electric seats, special lights--
Tracy said that the trend of car reduction without sacrificing legs or clearance \"is the reason that really drives people\'s interest in smart cars --
Power electronics in the automotive industry.
\"The current electrical scheme in the car requires a large number of copper wires to run from a central location to the site of each electrical device and then run again ---
It takes up a lot of valuable space. Smart-
The power chip will allow a completely different, more economical wiring scheme.
Only one or two wires will cycle through the car, and the electrical components are connected like a string of light bulbs on the Christmas tree.
Snuggle up with every \"ball\" in the car will be a smart-power chip.
For example, if the chip is on the taillights, it can do more than turn on the lights.
If it is found that the lamp does not respond to the current, it sends a message to the dashboard that the lamp is out.
Tracy also believes that the smart power supply may increase the flexibility of the car horn: \"You will send a different message to the smart speaker
The power chip on the horn depends on what kind of sound and volume you want.
Fewer sounds will be made by tapping the horn;
More pressure will make the horn sound a lot. -
If you\'re going to hit someone
Some GM test cars are already equipped with smart cars. power chips;
By the end of ten years, smart-
Many of Detroit\'s power facilities will appear. made cars.
According to Japanese habits, they may use smart power supplies faster. Some U. S.
The model already has a fault indicator, such as a dashboard signal that reports burningout lights.
However, these options are achieved through expensive electronic devices such as sensors;
These chips will make the wide use of these functions affordable.
Motorola is already a major supplier of automotive electronics, and executives at the company estimate that smart-
In a normal car, the power chip can cut the copper wiring of 70 pounds by half.
According to a person familiar with the matter, a Boeing 747 can cut off 10,000 pounds of the wire by using a smart power supply.
Smart power supplies also help to expand the market for tablet screens using electro-luminous or gas plasma technology.
The images produced by these technologies are far superior to the more common LCD displays (LCD)screen.
But so far, the new screen is too expensive for widespread use.
This is partly because the glow and the plasma screen will glow, a process that consumes a lot of energy while the LCD screen just reflects the light ---
Who knows who is trying to read one in the dark. Smart-
Power chips can run these screens more economically than ever before.
As a result, more screens are produced and prices are falling.
Flat Systems sells its glowing screens for $800.
$3,000 a year ago. HEWLETT-
Packard has just launched a $4,995 pc.
Inch electric screen operated by Smart
Power chips from Supertex and Texas Instruments.
According to industry insiders, IBM is testing smart flat-screen TVs.
Power chips and Apple computer engineers are considering the launch of a military version of the Macintosh PC, which comes with a tablet screen that can be used in the field.
Even though some use smart devices and tools
The power chip is still a few years away from the market, and the price of the chip itself is already falling.
A year ago, Supertex\'s chip price was $45, and now it\'s about $10.
The company hopes to bring prices down to $1 by 1988.
This may be realistic because of the widespread use of smartphonespower chips--
There is a lot of competition between their manufacturers. -
Unit costs and prices will eventually be cut.
In this regard, the second electronic revolution looks much like the first.
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