Simple production of metal shake handshandle

by:DIgao     2020-07-18
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if is making metal shake handshandle, quality is not so good. This is hardware factory professional do generally, bending and welding two process.
process is to use manual pipe bender first ( A lot of metal processing shop have) Steel pipe or steel bar bending good, of course, also can do straight shape, then the install base or install lining of welding on the steel pipe or steel bar, at the end of the last good burnish of welding and edge location etc will be ok. This should be made by hand shake handshandle is the most simple way, but the production don't have too high expectations on appearance!
if you want to do the shake handshandle of professional advice or to find factory to do, wenzhou hardware factory was founded in 2009, is specialized is engaged in the hardware handle such as product design, production and operation of enterprises. The main products are: zinc alloy handle, aluminum alloy handle, ceramic handle, resin handle, door handle, etc. Series cabinet handle hardware products. The future will continue to make customer satisfaction as the goal of forever. We will set up product sales center, professional sales chain network development in China.
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