should i buy double or triple glazed windows

by:DIgao     2020-06-27
If I get double or triple glazing, you know you should get double glazing/triple glazing/Low-if you want to change the windows-
The first thing to keep in mind is not to rely on the sales people who sell the product to you, because most of the time they will tell you what you want to hear.
Or just trying to guide you to find the product that they get the most out of it.
Have you gone from here?
Well, the first thing you need is that once you have a little bit of knowledge, you can tell the salesperson what you want.
Also, when the salesperson thinks you know what you are talking about, you will find that you will get a better price and a better job.
I will start with a simple Guide No.
1 is the worst insulation number 2 and so on.
Note: U-down
The more valuable glass is in keeping heat. U-
The value displayed may not be 100% accurate, but very close.
Since different companies may have a slightly different U-
Depending on the low type of value
The glass they useLower U value
The better the value glass is in keeping the heat. 1: 4mm single glass (
Not even considering it)U-value = 5.
02: standard double glazing with aluminum spacers.
This is the first popular double glazing, it is a big step forward than single glazing, but it is not even close to what can be done todayvalue = 3.
0 3: standard three-storey glass windows with aluminum spacers.
This is also the first three-storey window in the US market. value = 1.
74: Low double glazing
The glass and the warm edge are separated. The low-
E means there is a special coating inside the glass that reflects the heat back into the room.
Unlike standard double glazing, aluminum spacers are replaced by something called a warm edge spacers, which are made of non-metallic components. U-value 1.
55: double glazing with Low-
E. Glass and warm edge gasket Rod plus ar gas filling.
This device, like above, is filling the cavity with ar gas instead of air. U-value = 1.
36: Low double glazing
Glass and warm edge spacers plus krypton filled gas.
This device is the same as above, only the gas becomes the gas body U-value = 1.
17: three layers of low glaze
E & warm edge partition. U-value = 0.
98: three layers of low glaze
E & warm edge gasket Rod plus ar gas U-value 0.
79: three layers of low glaze
E & warm edge gap bar plus gas U-value 0.
5 Single glass = 1 pane of glass double layer glass = 2 pane of glass three layer glass = 3 pane of glass interval bar = fill of pane of panes/solar gas body that keeps glass separated space between glass.
Because gas keeps heat better than air.
How to choose the glass that suits you: You should also know the sun gain before you choose.
Let the sun come in and warm your house.
So, if your house is facing north, you should put the best insulation glass you can afford in front.
At the back facing south, you don\'t need that much insulation because you want the sun to come in and heat your house.
This will work if your house is designed to take full advantage of solar energy.
But if it doesn\'t forget the benefits of solar power, install the same glass windows around the house.
Because the real factor to consider here is when you turn on the heating at home.
You want to keep the heat as long as possible.
So what do you choose: if most glass companies are honest, they would recommend double layer low glass
E. Glass and warm edge gasket Rod plus ar gas filling. U-value 1.
This is good in most cases because what you have to keep in mind is the difference between 1 and 1. 3 U-value and a 0. 7 U-
In fact value is very small.
The extra money you spend is just for U-
You will never return to your heating bill.
But if you have very large windows, maybe you should consider making three layers of glass with low glass
E & warm edge gasket Rod plus ar gas U-value 0.
7 Plus, your extra insulation can also reduce the noise better due to the extra glass panel.
Note: I will not disturb the gas body because of the extra fee you paid for it.
You will never get your money back and the extra insulation you get will never notice.
I hope this article will help.
But it would be nice to hear comments from some people with different types of glazing and what you would recommend.
If you decide to buy triple glazing, the few points to keep in mind are some of the things you should check before buying.
Windows: since there is an extra piece of glass in the triple glazing, this also means extra weight.
Therefore, on smaller windows and doors, it will not be the main reason for the delay.
But in larger windows with side opening window frames.
Make sure the hinge is upgraded to withstand this weight.
Otherwise, they will wear out quickly and need to be replaced in just a year or two.
Patio Door: if the wheel is not upgraded to bear the extra weight, so is the sliding door.
From the first day, it\'s hard for you to open and close the door.
In addition, the bearings in the wheels will wear out in a few years.
When your new door is installed, you should be able to slide it with little effort.
Because a good set of patio door wheels is designed to move very smoothly regardless of the size of the door.
So don\'t accept a door that won\'t slide smoothly, plus, if the trader tells you that once the seal enters, it will run more smoothly in a few weeks.
He was telling you.
Your door should be running smoothly from day one, and if the wheel is not faulty then the door is likely to be horizontal.
Standard doors: with these doors, an additional hinge may sometimes be required to withstand the extra weight of the triple glazing.
This will depend on the type of hinge used by trade personnel.
Therefore, an additional hinge can be installed on the top of the door instead of three standard hinges.
Warranty: If you decide to use the triple glazing, make sure there is a written warranty for all moving parts.
Because the warranty of glass and frame is different.
Most of the guarantees for windows and doors are divided into three parts.
1 window and door frame will be covered from 20 years of upwards2, double or triple glazing will cover more than 2 years from 7 years of upwards3
Depending on the system used by the supplier, your window and door guarantee will vary.
A good system that has been well tested should have such a guarantee.
1 window and door frame 25 years 2 double/triple glazed windows 15 years 3 Moving Parts 7 years conclusion: I hope the information you find here will help you with the best possible work, don\'t think about it just because you know he will take care of your trade Man, if the bearing enters your sliding patio door after four years.
Depending on the size of the door, it may take several hundred pounds to replace them.
It would be a job for two people if it was a big door.
So someone has to buy the parts and pay two people to fix your door.
No one is willing to do so.
No matter how well you know the person who is the trademark, he doesn\'t want to do it.
So make sure you get a written guarantee.
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