shocking video shows thieves stealing a $75,000 tesla model s by remotely hacking the key fob (but then struggling to work out how to unplug it)

by:DIgao     2020-06-29
A Tesla owner posted a high-profile video showing a pair of thieves breaking into his $75 (£57,000)Model S. The three-
The minute surveillance video shows the scammer using a tablet to receive a signal from a key chain near the owner to unlock the vehicle.
Everything seems to go well, that is, until high
Tech hackers don\'t seem to know how to unplug the Model S from the charging station.
Overall, it takes only a few minutes for the thief to get away with the Model S Essex of British resident Anthony Kennedy.
They seem to have used a relatively simple hacking method called Relay Attacks to intercept signals on key chains.
A thief scanned the house with a mobile phone and received a signal from the key chain.
Kennedy pointed out that his key was behind the house.
Once the key fob signal is received, it is relayed to another device --
In this case, the tablet
Closer to the door.
It should mimic the keyless entry process of holding a key chain to unlock the key near the vehicle.
More and more automakers have introduced keyless access to their cars, but this approach is not without security risks.
The thief was able to unlock the car within seconds of picking up the key chain signal, when the Model S light flashed and the door opened.
Although they are smart, the swindlers waste quite a bit of time figuring out how to remove the charging cable connected to the car\'s battery.
They groped for a few minutes before one of the thieves realized that all they had to do was press a button and remove the car from the cable.
After that, they quickly jumped on the car and left quickly.
If the owner enabled Tesla\'s recent security feature, the entire crash could have been avoided.
Called \"PIN to drive\", it requires the driver to enter the PIN code shown on the dashboard in order to drive the vehicle.
However, Kennedy admitted that he forgot to open \"pin to drive\" before the robbery \".
\"Elonmusk, my @ tesla was stolen this morning with only one tablet and a phone that extends my fob range from behind the house,\" Kennedy wrote on Twitter . \".
I know I should [have]
PIN access is enabled.
I hope they have more difficulty disabling remote access though.
I can\'t track or disable it.
\"It seems that the scammer has done some research before stealing the vehicle, because they know to turn off the remote access function of the model.
This means that the owner cannot track the whereabouts of the vehicle.
Tesla claims it can track the car, according to Kennedy, but the scammers do other things, so they can\'t see where it went.
According to Kennedy, the thief either took the physical SIM card fob, which was obviously easy to reach, or blocked Internet access in the car with a battery-powered device.
Many experts advise owners to store their key fobs in the so-called \"faraday cage\", a container made of wire or mesh material.
The cage can then block any magnetic field emitted by the device inside the cage.
Tesla has also begun to advise users to close passive entrances to prevent such attacks in the future.
The passive entrance makes the door automatically unlock and open when the key fob is nearby.
While it may not be convenient, it can prevent Tesla owners from letting thieves drive away in the dark.
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