Security door: beautiful and practical locks performance be short of one cannot

by:DIgao     2020-06-14
Contrary to interior doors, security doors elegant appearance is not important, security doors will be reached the standard of guard against theft, so consumer security doors also notice when the choose and buy quality problems. Society of the general consumers to buy security doors to see is the appearance of products and price, as long as the fashionable appearance, price low round cakes lock will choose. Do you not know that the core component of security door is lock, and of the key parts of the lock is a lock. Not only should choose when buying good quality locks, and rectangular lock installed appropriate, if choose bad lock, installation is not in conformity with the specification again, do not pay attention to maintenance, in use process is likely to appear 'card lock' can't even open the case. Security doors were unable to open, the reason is the lock, some brand security door door with a lock of inferior, common security door is expensive because with a good lock. Important parts of the lock security doors, so the mechanical anti-theft lock also have industry standards, its mainly embodies in the open technical aspects. The technical open refers to the resistance to lock the ability of professional and technical personnel to use special tools to open locks. Security level is according to the different rules of mechanical anti-theft lock technology index and the extent of the damage resistant ability and level. Ordinary protection level of mechanical anti-theft lock words' A 'said. High level of protection with the letter 'B', said the advice the user to select class B anti-theft lock. Ready after the quality of the products, will create security doors brand. If there is no brand, there is no the added value of products. And added value from customers to the brand, the product, to the enterprise, the service's trust. And the stand or fall of quality, service comes from customer's feedback. If there is no good word of mouth, is no brand. If the said brand that just himself down to his face, is also responsible for the interests of the consumers don't. We focus on the brand is more important is to focus on his reputation. Good word of mouth can make brand in one hundred, have without good word of mouth can make enterprise brand destruction.
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