Scooter Store office furniture up for sale

by:DIgao     2020-08-13
Furniture and office equipment belonging to The SCOOTER Store will be auctioned next month.
New Braunfels Auction Co. , Ltd.
The auction will begin at noon.
At the former headquarters of The SCOOTER Store, 1650 Independence Avenue, New Brown falls.
The preview time starts at 9. m. to 5 p. m. Sept. 12 and 9 a. m.
The auction day arrived at noon.
The buyer\'s premium is 10%.
Items at auction include more than 1,000 compartments, computers, cabinets, tables, chairs and a variety of pillows, as well as other assets.
The bankrupt SCOOTER Store, a supplier of electric wheelchairs and scooters, has recently been scaled down to smaller offices and no longer needs spare equipment.
The company contacted several parties to seek interest in these assets, but concluded that the bids would result in a net income of approximately $50,000 for the bankrupt property, according to a document of the court this week.
The document added that the value of these assets was less than $100,000.
Also, The SCOOTER Store plans to sell all its assets in the future
Focus sales set up for Sept. 23.
The deadline for bidding for the auction was yesterday. 19.
Scooter Store filed for bankruptcy protection on April.
Before the bankruptcy, federal agents raided the company\'s headquarters, which could be part of an investigation into Medicaid fraud. d.
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