russia \'tested using nerve agent which poisoned spy sergei skripal and his daughter on door handles\'

by:DIgao     2020-08-04
According to the Daily Mail, Russia has explored the assassination by placing neurote noviko on the door handle.
Police have revealed that they believe Sergei scripal and his daughter were poisoned in Salisbury because the poison was applied to the front door of the double agent.
Now the British intelligence agency has evidence that Russia has tested the deadly agent on the door handle in the escape --
Until the attacks of March 3.
The agents also had highly sensitive information showing that Moscow tested the poison on other \"daily items\", which appeared last night.
A security source said: \"The intelligence we have has surpassed and stored the Russian-made noviko.
We have evidence that they are also exploring using it as an assassination weapon, including in areas such as door handles and daily supplies, he said.
This detail is one of several key evidence that led the British government to identify the Putin regime as behind the attack.
Sources also revealed last night that foreign intelligence agencies had passed.
Secret information from Britain to the Kremlin.
While it is not known what intelligence has been provided to British agencies and which countries have provided it, it is said that this information has increased the importance of the British archives of attacks.
Sources say all the evidence gathered by intelligence agencies, the military and the government has put the blame firmly on Russia.
They wouldn\'t say when the evidence of Russia testing Novichok on the door handle for security reasons came to light-only confirming that the details were found in \"recent times.
A source said the key evidence had been handed over to British allies.
Britain\'s allies gave full support in the poisoning incident.
Secret briefing
Last month, police revealed that they believed a Russian killer group had poisoned the 66-year-old and the 33-year-old. year-
The eldest daughter Yulia applied a nerve drug to their front door. Counter-
The terrorists say they believe these people are the first to engage with noviko in their own homes.
Scotland Yard said \"the most concentrated neurologist\" was found at the front door of the House, in a dead endde-sac.
In an interview last month, Boris Johnson said that Britain has evidence that Russia has been exploring nerve drugs --
Based on assassination
The foreign minister also said that Moscow has been storing deadly chemical weapons for the past decade, and Britain has reason to believe that Russia has collected \"military-grade\" Novi used in Salisbury.
Yesterday, the Post revealed how intelligence officers investigated a Russian who had been flying to the UK before returning to Moscow a few hours later with Miss Skripal.
Red Spy Agency
Mark a man who arrived at Heathrow airport in Russia.
It has flight AFL2570 from Moscow and landed at 2: 00.
Saturday, March 3, at 32 pm.
Skripals was hospitalized on March 4.
A senior White House source said the person was identified by the intelligence agency as \"interested\" and noted more than one person being investigated.
It is not clear whether the person is suspected of delivering an agent, managing Novichok, or otherwise associated with the attack.
Security sources also said the search for a Russian airline plane at Heathrow Airport on Friday was based on intelligence.
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