russia has tested assassinations by placing nerve agent on door handles, british spies claim after novichok found on sergei skripal’s front door

by:DIgao     2020-08-06
According to British spies, Russia tested whether its deadly Novichok nerve agent could be used for assassination by placing it on the door handle.
Police said last week they believed in Russia
The double-agent Sergei scripal and his daughter were poisoned in Salisbury\'s home.
Now, agents have confirmed that Putin\'s scientists had experimented with the effectiveness of his door handle before the March 3 attack.
A security source told the Daily Mail: \"The intelligence we have has surpassed the Russian manufacturing of noviko and stored it.
\"We have evidence that they are also exploring the use of it as an assassination weapon, including in areas such as door handles and daily supplies.
At the same time, British spies also revealed that they had identified the Russian lab as most likely to develop the deadly noviko.
The source said they were not 100 sure about the location, but they were highly confident.
A Whitehall source told The Times at the first Cobra meeting that they knew that \"the vast majority may be from Russia \".
The source also claimed that the Russians had tested to determine whether noviko could be used for the assassination.
Previously, the Sun exclusively disclosed that the Yasenevo laboratory is one of the few laboratories that manufacture Novichok.
Security sources say the lab, run by Russia\'s SVR spy agency on the outskirts of Moscow, is one of the few laboratories in the world that produce dangerous neurologists.
A month ago, the 66-year-old Sergei scripar was still in critical condition after the attack, but his 33-year-old daughter, yuriya, was conscious and believed to be communicating.
Britain and the international community have taken a firm stand in punishing Russia and expelled more than 115 Russian diplomats.
But yesterday, the government made a series of mistakes after the head of the British defense laboratory Porton admitted that it could not verify the source of nerve drugs.
The Foreign Ministry also deleted a tweet that falsely claimed that Porton Down had confirmed that Novichok was definitely from Russia.
Police say a high concentration of nerve drugs was found at the front door of Skripal, indicating it was placed there.
Dean Haydon, Commissioner Dep Ass, said: \"At this point in our investigation, we believe that Skripals first came into contact with neuromedications from their front door.
\"So most of our efforts are focused on their presentations.
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