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by:DIgao     2020-05-30
As an introduction to an intermediate level
The first level entrance, which includes renovations to the internal components of the phone, such as internal displays and cameras with higher resolution than the previous W385, Motorola W755 is an exciting change in the design of the RAZR stagnation.
When it comes to the competition for mobile phones, Samsung u50 and LG vx83 50 are targeting the same consumers-eager for a user-friendly phone that offers stylish and amazing features, but it won\'t burn a hole in your pocket.
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The Motorola W755 offers a more engaging interface than the V3m with two color options, black and purple.
Experienced RAZR users will be beautifully finished with a soft touch and silver decoration, and they will immediately notice the difference in structure between the W755 and the predecessors.
Flip phones can be tricky because careless people tend to break them, but keep in mind that the Motorola W755 features a safe and reliable hinge with an efficient keyboard design,
However, the cost of these design improvements is to have a slightly thicker, heavier mobile device.
The RAZR series has a tendency to break the bank, but with Motorola MOTO W755 phones now more advanced features than most Motorola W series phones, price tags are in the hands of consumers.
When it comes to the design of the Motorola W755, we can accept the fact that the charm of the RAZR exceeds all Motorola phones in this particular category, but even if it is not so stylish or gorgeous, w755 successfully passed the style test with excellent color.
The W755 is made up of shiny metal hinges and side lines with a soft surface.
The interior display edges coincide with the shiny texture of the exterior, emitting enough splendor to look great in anyone\'s hands.
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Although the ComUser interface keyboard is spacious and comfortable, it is not very functional in blind dialing.
The menu button is flat but large and easy to use.
Also considered a general taboo, the micro SD slot is not convenient to put under the battery, so you have to remove the battery before proceeding with anything else.
Due to poorly conceived button placement and lack of music shortcuts, the Motorola W755 can avoid possible buyers from the Moto aisle.
If you don\'t like mobile music and you don\'t like to mess with your phone with endless playlists, it\'s enough that the W755 offers 83 MB of storage, but if you are buying a microSD card in order to store a large number of songs in your phone.
Image source: empirecell.
For some, the phone is not just a hub for receiving and transmitting voice calls and information, it also has a certain level of entertainment.
If your phone is running on Verizon\'s v cast, the Moto W755 will help you get along with the crowd.
The W755 provides a music player that can easily play mp3, AAC and WMA files, and you can take advantage of d-
Pad and available menu keys can be navigated in your music library.
Motorola\'s W755 has a speaker that is perfect for playing music.
It also has a 2.
5mm stereo headphones, but this is an accessory that you have to buy from the store as it is not included in the W755 package.
If you want to experience great sound and clarity, go with a Bluetooth stereo headset, which makes listening to music on the Motorola MOTO W755 an unforgettable experience.
GPS with Vz navigator support is also embedded in W755, which will always help you navigate.
Other features of the Motorola W755 include common organizer features such as MMS, EMS, speakers, 83 MB of memory, picture ID, games, EVDO and calendars, voice memos, calculators, and alarm clocks.
Finally, for most aspiring young photographers, let\'s talk about the most important part of your phone, the camera.
The first step to becoming a professional photographer is usually to start with your camera phone and if you are such a person, the function of W755 is 1.
3 megapixel camera.
No matter how flashy mobile ads are, tecceno will never just go out and buy a ready-made one and do your research forever.
The quality of the call is tolerable, but there is a tendency to annoy you from time to time.
Outdated results 1.
The 3 megapixel camera is blurry and rough.
Its web browser is also unable to render large HTML pages.
The Motorola W755 shows up to four hours of battery life, while in some cases it is reported to have a battery life of less than four hours.
The Motorola W755 can be called an adequate device that shows very basic functionality and lowtech machinery.
When it comes to reviewing the Motorola W755, this phone often shows countless complicated feelings, but regardless of all the negative feedback, the purchase price of this phone is very low, additional multimedia features, although we hope the battery life will be a little better.
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