restoration hardware towels swaddle you in comfort

by:DIgao     2020-06-24
Today is the day of Yom Kippur, and on the ancient Jewish calendar, many Jews fast and pray for their sins.
Essentially, it\'s a day of spiritual purification if you want, and for the coming of the new year, that\'s why I think it might be strange to write a bath towel.
Not just the old bath towels, but 802-
Gram Turkish towel from repair hardware, I happen to think it provides the best towel experience for your money.
Plus, these babies are now just $24 (U. S. )
30 \"x 56\" bath towels.
40 \"x 70\" bath towel I wouldn\'t bother because it\'s just a simple de trop.
This is a great time if you want to play Bath towel games.
The recovery from a decadent 802g called \"premium, long term
Extra Cotton\"
Dense tissue absorbs both soft and crazy, which is basically a permaculture ideal for towels: Wrapping yourself with it after taking a shower, which is almost reassuring and too comfortable.
That\'s why it\'s annoying to restore hardware now calling itself \"RH\" and stop actually carrying any items in their \"store\", and I even went online to order them.
Seriously, you can\'t go to RH to buy anything right now.
You will find that there are some salespeople with the little ipad who will order anything you may want by entering all the information in the catalog online, while you\'re sitting bored playing with your phone, wondering why RH doesn\'t like to have these thingscalled stores.
That\'s why I accidentally ordered dozens of 802g Turkish towels online the other day.
Of course, the bathroom towels should be white (
Color towels for beach or pool is my rule, but indoor towels are really better in white)
But the number is much more than I planned.
I don\'t know what the hell is going on, maybe when I ordered 802g of towels I was distracted by a phone call or a surprise visitor, but somehow, my six small orders have sprung up into the ridiculous realm, and before I knew it, there were two huge cartons on my front porch with a stack of white towels in it.
So many towels, it\'s not cost-effective to ship them back to RH to get my money back.
Given that these special towels are gifts that are constantly presented, it is not a tragedy.
But it does remind me why I really prefer to go to the store and even add a known item like the favorite bath towel.
As it is absolutely impossible for me to drive all these towels from RH \"shop\" to my car with me.
Karen von Hahn is from Toronto.
Writers, trend watchers, and style commentators.
Her new book, what\'s left: object lessons in love and loss, is published by Anansi Press.
Contact her at karenvonhahn. com.
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